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Companies Offer ‘Dating Leave’ To Single Female Employees Over 30 Years Old

Single ladies, let’s move to China!


Female? Single? Over 30 years old? Good news, single ladies, two companies in China are offering their female employees with a “dating leave”.

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The two companies in Zhejiang, China, namely the Hangzhou Songcheng Performance and Hangzhou Songcheng Tourism Management, urge their single employees to go out and mingle, by offering them with extra eight days of leave on top of their seven-day Lunar New Year break.

Chinese single ladies are offered a dating leave.

Source: Pixabay

The companies announced their new rule on January 21, taking after one other company, the Dinglan Experimental Middle School which granted a “love leave: to its single and childless teachers on January 15.

The two companies spearhead and manage the Song Dynasty Town, a famous tourist spot near West Lake in Hangzhou, Zheijiang province. It’s the biggest park of its kind in the country, allowing tourists to experience what it’s like to live 1,000 years ago as they wear traditional robes.

To become eligible, the employee should be a female, unmarried, over 30 years old, and in non-frontline roles.

Source: Pixabay
Plus, they have the option to extend the dating leave.

Source: Pixabay

Why is this so? Women over 30 in China are regarded as “leftover women”, which means that those who remain unmarried during their mid-twenties to thirties are less desirable to men. Hence, they need to step up and look for someone before their time runs out.

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Also, with the high demand from women to focus on their careers, many marry late in life while others do not marry at all. Today, about 200 million are single adults in 2015 and the marriage rate has decreased dramatically each year since 2013.

Of course, the additional leave received positive feedback and enthusiasm from the employees. Now they have some extra time to date, mingle, meet new friends, or even just focus on themselves.


The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Looks Ridiculous Holding Regular-Sized Mug

It looks like a teacup you get with your tea party play set!

There's a good reason why Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson was chosen to portray The Mountain in Game of Thrones. At 6ft 9in and 400 pounds, he is roughly the size of a small hill. So it's no surprise that when Björnsson posted a photo of himself enjoying some hot chocolate, people initially thought he was holding a toy instead of a regular-sized mug.

Björnsson, who is also called Thor, shared the photo on his official Instagram account. It shows the Game of Thrones actor with his wife Kelsey Henson in the snowy outdoors and they are both holding mugs of hot choco. It's a sweet picture of the couple yet people couldn't help but comment about the size of Björnsson's mug.

We're not even sure if that mug's real.

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There are people all over the world who are inventing new products every day. Hundreds of new ideas for inventions are probably registered daily, and most of them can really help make our lives a lot easier.

The best thing about most of these inventions is the fact that they are well-known items that we use almost daily, but they were given a twist for a much better purpose. Here are 25 useful inventions that we need in everyday life.

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“[They] forgot I am a geologist.”

What would you do if there was a huge boulder blocking your car preventing you from getting to work? Most of us would probably call on a few friends to move the thing away. However, one geologist took matters into her own hands and got back at the drunk neighbors who tried to get her into trouble in the first place.

Melissa Scruggs is a volcanology Ph. D. candidate who has been dealing with rowdy neighbors in the past year. Although her neighbors were usually considerate, things got out of hand when they had a big party. A huge boulder that had been meant to keep the fence steady was inexplicably moved right in front of Scruggs' car. Unfortunately, this could prevent her from going to work that morning.

This could be the worst thing to wake up to, unless you're a geologist.

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