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Guy Has No Prom Date So He Takes His Cat Instead




  • Sam Steingard didn’t have a date for his upcoming prom.
  • The teen instead came up with the crazy idea of having a prom-themed photoshoot with the family cat Ruby.
  • The pics eventually went viral as netizens fell in love with the adorable “couple”.

Imagine this scenario: You’re a guy, your prom’s already drawing near, and you still don’t have a date. What do you do?

For 18-year-old Sam Steingard, the solution to the awkward situation is pretty simple and that is, to take his pet cat as his date instead!

Sam Steingard, 18, totally had the cutest date for that prom.

Well technically, he didn’t bring Ruby the cat to the event with him but only had a fun prom photoshoot with the animal.

Eventually, Caroline, the sister of Sam, took it upon herself to share the funny pics on Imgur.

What a purr-fect couple!

In an interview with Love Meow, Caroline shared:

“My brother took our cat to prom… My mom (Joanne) decided to buy our cat a dress and sparkly collar so my brother would have someone to take pictures with.”

It didn’t take long before the photos captured the attention and love of netizens across the world. Much to the family’s surprise, Sam and Ruby eventually went viral on social media and several news sources even covered their story.

As one commenter wrote:

“My new life goal is to find someone who looks at me the way Ruby looks at Sam.”

Ruby, the family pet for more than 10 years, was found at the back of Ruby Tuesday restaurant and so they decided to name her after the place.

Sam loves the cat so much and yes, the cat loves him back.

“She loves Sam because he likes to talk to her in a baby voice,” Caroline told Love Meow, “and he will give her treats once in a while.”

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