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Woman Says She’s ‘Exhausted’ After Seven One-Night Stands In One Week

You don’t say?


As her seven-year marriage came to an end, Nadia Bokody decided to make the most of her single life by devoting a week to having one night stands. In a bid to get her mojo back, the Australian writer had been feeling bad after spending the last months of the relationship eating takeaway and binge-watching Netflix ,and want to change all that.

When she told a colleague about her frustration, Nadia’s pal suggested that she text a guy to ask outright if he’s fine with a no strings attached kind of fun. Nadia accepted her friend’s suggestion and ended up setting out a seven-day journey of one-night stands that left her “exhausted.”

Nadia wrote:

“There he was; Ryan. Cute, though not really my type, we’d had a date a couple of weeks back that had been devastatingly tiresome until he’d leaned in to kiss me and s exual electricity had ignited between us so unexpectedly we’d behaved like a couple of teenagers frantically making out behind the school sheds before calling it a night and never texting one another again.”

After that, Nadia was “sobbing hysterically” as she realized that what she was feeling had nothing to do with s ex at all, but the liberation that came with it.

The next date was with Ted, who he met at the nightclub and gave her “one of the fastest orgasms of her life.”

On Sunday, she “broke the rules” and messaged the guy she Facebook stalked after he asked her for her number, Matt.

She then “pushed the boundaries further” on Monday and met up Lisa, who is a businesswoman and “treated s ex like a tantalizing meal best enjoyed slowly and purposefully.”

She went out with her “s exual soulmate” Charlie on Tuesday They had been on several dates before.

On Wednesday, she was with Steve, a serving military man with “Grecian godlike body.”

Nadia admits that on Thursday she was “exhausted.” However, she decided to pursue her experiment and met up with English guy Ben.

Nadia wrote about her night with Ben:

“I turned on my side to face him, knowing full well I’d never see him again, and feeling somehow strangely empowered in that knowledge.

Though I ached with exhaustion as I closed my eyes to intensify the sensation of Ben’s tired fingers lazily tracing circles over my naked body, my spirit felt paradoxically invigorated.”

After the experiment, Nadia said she finally felt completely comfortable with being single.


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