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Girls on Reddit Reveal The First Thing They Look For When They Visit A Guy’s House





They say the eyes are ‘windows to the soul” and while that may be true, there’s also no denying that an individual’s home can likewise reveal something about his or her personality.

Take it from these female Reddit users who shared the stuff they pay attention to (and why!) when they visit a guy’s house. The long thread was inspired by user @bespeh who asked “Girls of Reddit what are some things you look for when visiting a guys place for the first time?”

Answers eventually kept pouring in and they’ve been really insightful. Here are some of the top responses so far and yes, guys, do take some notes! This is what some girls think of when we invite them to come over.

“My SO said that she looked at the state of my bathroom. According to her everyone has some days when they are lazy to do the dishes or laundry so that is acceptable to a degree. But your bathroom is nasty it means that you never or very rarely clean it which is just nasty.” – Girls_pm_me_panties wrote

“The worst nightmare for a girl coming to your place is that she has to change her pad or tampon, but can’t find a trashcan, so she has to ask you where one is or try to covertly throw it away in a non-bathroom trash. This is really embarrassing and unsexy. A lined trash can will make her feel welcome and comfortable and avoid awkward, embarrassing conversations about periods.” – allthebacon_and_eggs

“Hand soap in the bathroom.” – larrydrinkscoffee

“If it’s somebody I’m dating or would like to date, I’m hoping for a reasonable standard of cleanliness and some evidence of somebody living a mature kind of life that involves care for his surroundings. Not some kind of dank cave.

“It also makes me happy if his kitchen looks both hygienic and like it’s actually cooked in. It becomes a lot harder to picture myself spending enjoyable time with the guy in his place if the dish rack is covered in mold. (How much am I going to enjoy having dinner with him there? How the hell has he not noticed the mold or decided it’s not a problem?)” – 123wtfno

“Decoration. What you surround with tells a lot about your interests, your originality, your taste etc. Plus, it’s an easy conversation starter.” – SpadesFairy

“Hand towels in the bathroom. I don’t want to dry my freshly cleaned hands with the towel you use on your downstairs.” – SubspaceHalfNinja

“Does he take his goddamn clothes with him when he leaves the bathroom after showering or does he leave them on the bathroom floor like a Neanderthal. God damnit drew your laundry hamper is 6 feet away from the bathroom door.” – ksweetpea

“Their bed. Not sex related. Do they have sheets? Are they clean? Or is it just a mishmash of old blankets.

“And I check out their pillows. Are they old and half yellow? Should they have been replaced ages ago?

“The mattress. How bad is it? Like is it badly sagging in the middle with a spring and he hasn’t even tried to minimize with a mattress topper?

“If he can’t even be bothered to have the one thing that should be the most important thing of all because of how important sleep is, it sends me huge red flags.

“Seriously guys. 100 bucks is more enough to make your bed look appealing and if your mattress sucks and you can’t afford a new one, at least try to make it comfortable.

“Although at my age, 45, if you can’t afford a new mattress, that is a red flag all by itself.”- amazonallie

To put it simply, girls tend to focus on the bathroom but yes, other areas of the house has to be inspected as well. So do your cleaning, boys, before your girl visits your apartment!

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