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Drunk Guy Plays with Sword And Accidentally Cuts Off Friend’s Nose!

This is what happens when a playful bet goes terribly wrong. YIKES!

Bernadette Carillo





Let’s face it. A party won’t be called one unless the groovy and the naughty ones are also part of the gang. As they say, what’s a bang without the gang, right? Unfortunately, as a bunch of partygoers who seemed to be a little bit tipsy high with a dose of alcohol started playing tricks, turned out, the game was on them!

It all started with JUST a bet. As these two buddies bet on who could slash the sausage locked into one’s mouth, something terrible suddenly happened. With a matter of few attempts, the next thing you know, they were picking up both the sausage and something else!

Warning: Graphic Content


So what could be the missing puzzle? Well, it was none other than a piece of NOSE!


Yes! As grossly as anyone could imagine, looks like “Pinocchio” lost his dear nose.

Abruptly, the poor guy was covered with blood as he struggled to hang onto the broken pieces of his nose.


As for the villain of the scene, well, he too did get his own fair share as viewers’ cheers immediately turned sour for the horrifying scene.

Watch how this ninja fails miserably:

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Good thing, the victim was immediately attended to. Although no location was specified, viewers believed that the incident took place in a local US residence.

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Americans Sign Prank Petition for Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Against Russia

Although this was supposed to be funny, it’s alarming how all these Americans willingly signed the petition to nuke Russia.

Mark Andrew



Mike Dice does it again!

In the past, the journalist-slash-prankster made fools out of many Americans by asking them to sign fake petitions such as “I Support Illiteracy,” “I am a Zombie Who Does What I’m Told, Without Thinking,” and the campaign to “Add Soylent Green (or human flesh) on School Menus” for Michele Obama’s lunch initiative.

This time, the guy is back for another ridiculous petition that again earned a lot of signatures.

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Underneath This Black Hole, There’s An Entire Village Living Within

They’ve got homes, swimming pools, motels, bars, stores, and even churches down here.

Mark Andrew



Australia is best known for its beaches, its exotic and bordering on dangerous wildlife, and its vast and remote outback. We’ve all heard about Australia being the “Land Down Under” but have you ever heard about the country’s “Town Down Under?”

The extreme freezing and scorching temperatures of the outback make it difficult to sustain communities, but there is one town situated smack-dab in the outback’s hostile environment. Located in the opal mining town in South Australia is an extremely hot place called Coober Pedy.

Coober Pedy derived its name from the Aboriginal term "kupa-piti".

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Scientists Warn of Upcoming ‘Mini Ice Age’ in 2030

If these theories prove to be true, the sun’s solar activity will decrease by 60% in 2030.

Mark Andrew



Recently at the National Astronomy Meeting held in Wales, a mathematics professor from UK’s Northumbria University made some interesting remarks claiming that the sun’s activity will decrease up to 60% by the year 2030.

Valentina Zharkova's report is based on a new forecasting model that studies the solar cycle based on the dynamo effects on the sun’s two layers. The professor says that the prediction has an accuracy of 97%.

According to Zharkova, "We found magnetic wave components appearing in pairs, originating in two different layers in the Sun's interior. They both have a frequency of approximately 11 years, although this frequency is slightly different, and they are offset in time."

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