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Quick-Thinking Father Saves Baby From Stupid Driver





Thanks to a father’s quick reflexes, the life of his child has been saved from a road accident that could have ended tragically. The video below, taken by a surveillance camera, shows us the scary moment a driver of an Audi car swerved right through a pedestrian sidewalk, almost hitting the father and his baby – who is merely 3 months old.

A report posted by ReshareWorthy tells us that the incident happened in the city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It definitely shows us the dangers of driving under the influence.

If not for this father’s lightning-fast thinking, he and his baby could have been hit.

Source: YouTube

Most of us would have thought that walking on the sidewalk while pushing your baby on a stroller would be harmless activity, right? Well not exactly, especially if you encounter a careless driver.

As the report tells us, the father desperately tried to “push his child out of harm’s way” and it ended with him and the baby “flying after the car clips the stroller’s wheels.” The two have been knocked over into the bike lane.

In an interview, the dad later shared:

“All of a sudden, I saw the Audi hitting the traffic light and continue to drive in our direction. I pushed the pram onto the tram tracks and only just managed to avoid that the car runs us over.”

Other pedestrians immediately ran toward the scene to help them.

Source: YouTube

Obviously hurt, the father still managed to stand up to check on and pick up the poor infant. Random strangers then approached them and even confronted the vehicle driver, who remained unhurt throughout the accident.

The father and his baby were immediately brought to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention. Fortunately, the baby only had minor bruises and scratches.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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Meanwhile, the driver was later identified as Miroslav Stanojevic, a rich and influential businessman.

Source: YouTube

Unfortunately, he was only fined for a small amount and was given a 2-year driving ban after apologizing in court.

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