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40 Times Grandparents Proved They’re More Badass Than You

I cannot stop laughing at #36.






They say life ends the moment you reach the elderly stage and that you got nothing else to do but play bingo. Well, actually, that’s not true. Senior citizens nowadays have found a way to make their lives more interesting. And they have indeed crushed all the negative stereotypes thrown at them!

From using a hair dryer as a speed radar to baking the coolest cake, it is safe to say these grandparents are way cooler than us, the younger ones. To give you an idea on how badass they are, Elite Readers has compiled a list of the times grandparents surprised everyone with their coolness and creativity.

Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite!

#1. How to solve speed problems in your neighborhood? Ask her.

Source: namraka
#2. That is how you do ATM security, son.

Source: mitoyonting
#3. Grandma baked a cake for her 69th birthday.

Source: MorDeCaza
#4. Now that is the right way of doing it, Mandy.

#5. For grandma, this is how you do Photoshop.

Source: JoshPatson
#6. Scolding a Pelican that bit her.

#7. These grandparents are waiting for each other at the mall.

Source: bigred1987
#8. And my grandma actually posted this on Facebook on the morning of Christmas eve.

#9. Grandpa making his way to a medieval-themed wedding.

Source: Reddit
#10. Prankster level: Grandma

#11. This is how my grandparents celebrated Thanksgiving.

#12. Never go to your grandma’s house for sleepover if you do not have your clothes with you.

Source: andrewlove
#13. Introducing my grandma’s butter dish.

Source: esteigs99
#14. My grandma started doing this to our cat after receiving a camera.

Source: Ska_Jones
#15. This is so far the best selfie ever.

Source: Goldierenee
#16. When you have a grandma who looks like Tweety’s Granny.

Source: cameragirlsp
#17. Always look out for your grandparents’ comments on Facebook.

Source: CarlNicklin
#18. My grandma pins cat hair to trees so birds can use it as their nest.

Source: Imgur
#19. How my grandma patched my torn jeans.

#20. Remember the term “badass?”

#21. My grandpa really has a great sense of humor.

Source: WestleyThe
#22. My grandma who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease attended my wedding and said, “Where is the body?”

Source: ImTheMistake
#23. This decorative rock on our table is courtesy of my grandma.

Source: vocivus
#24. Someone is definitely not enjoying the painting class.

#25. My Italian grandma came in town and look what she brought us.

#26. Others just want to replicate “The Last Supper.”

Source: devanteswing
#27. My grandpa always keeps a detailed record of all his car maintenance.

#28. Here is what my father wore at our cosplay event.

Source: moonicourt
#29. Grandma thinks this is cross when it is actually not.

#30. My grandpa really loves to make fun of my grandma.

Source: i_like_meth
#31. That moment when grandpa finally knew about Facebook.

#32. Grandma knitted a “sombrero” for my pet hamster.

#33. My widowed grandma’s dirty little secret.

Source: L0rdtater
#34. Despite having 3 broken ribs, she still knows how to make fun of things.

#35. How to lose weight as per my grandma.

Source: Reddit
#38. She really tried to record this event but…

Source: nastdorf
#37. This is their own version of “pool party.”

Source: Garyland2002
#38. Clearly, my grandma wants my brother to be a girl.

#39. Grandma seriously made a model for her new room.

Source: er750
#40. I was told to order this. Now look how happy she is!

Source: popofcolor

So, what do you think about this compilation of funny and badass grandparents? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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