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24 Funny Grandparents Spotted Wearing Inappropriate Shirts





We all love our grandparents! They’re just adorable, generous, sweet, supportive, and badass all at the same time. On top of that, they can also be unexpectedly hilarious.

Case in point, the seniors we see in this photo collection have been spotted and photographed while wearing some very inappropriate shirts. While some of them are confidently flaunting their tees, it looks like the others might actually be unaware about the meaning of the naughty messages – which, of course, makes it doubly funny.

Check out the photos below and see for yourself:

1. Let’s start with this hysterical grandpa – who probably needed money that bad.

2. His shoulders are ready.

3. For your own sake, stay away from this old woman.

And she looks dead serious about it.

4. We’re ready to believe you.

5. His parents are to be blamed for this…

6. Best job ever?

7. Now we know what it really is!

8. Roll the red carpet out!

9. Ladies, don’t let her anywhere near your boyfriends.

You have been warned.

10. We agree, granddad!

Probably not the best choice of words but yep, he’s got a good point.

11. Not Mr. Right.

12. Quite a strange combination.

13. Don’t let the sweet smile fool you.

Insert that song from the thug life meme here!

14. She’s being too honest.

15. You better think twice before approaching her.

16. Probably worth it anyway!

17. Love the positivity. You go, gramps!

18. Now that’s an interesting career choice.

We’re not sure we want to know if she’s still active in the industry or not.

19. Not a shirt, sure, but this grandma still deserves a chuckle or two for rocking this apron well.
20. She loves it and she’s proud of it.

21. Just to set things clear…

22. “It’s everywhere you want to be.”

23. To set things straight…

24. Well that escalated quickly.

We just love these seniors. Thank you for making our day!

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