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“Mad Max” Superfan Dad Turns His Kids’ Toy Cars Into Fierce “Fury Road” Vehicles

These tots are ready for the apocalypse.

Dondi Tiples





What happens when you mix “Mad Max: Fury Road” fandom and fatherhood? Why, you get a totally rocking steampunk childhood, of course! One dad took his obsession with the cult classic post-apocalyptic film series a step further and gave his kids the rides of their lives.

One of the first thing movie-goers will notice about the “Mad Max” films are the insanely customized cars, jeeps and trucks the characters ride through the endless desert.

“Mad Max: Fury Road”

Source: Rebloggy

Ian Pfaff, a film director and doting dad from Glendale, California channeled his love for the dystopian action franchise into creating “Fury Road” vehicles for his two kids.

He made them using kiddie cars like these:

And turned them into these:

Junior, 2, and Benji, five months, are two of the luckiest kids in the world. Their dad loves them and “Mad Max” so much that he made them the privileged owners of some of the most hardcore kiddie mobiles ever built.

Ian, who makes props during his free time, took his children’s Little Tykes Cozy Coupes and embellished them with all manner of spare parts.

Like old computer components and an espresso machine.

He attached his kids’ own toys to them for a personalized touch.

His wife, Emily, a painter, contributed to the project, as well.

She donated her old breast pump to use as overhead exhaust pipes.

She also painted an old sippy cup for a post-apocalyptic feel.

Ian detailed the cars so extensively they became mini-replicas of the fierce-looking vehicles from “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

The vehicles’ interiors weren’t spared his obsession, either.

Old bike chain + steering wheel = bad-to-the-bone controls.

The kids got their own wicked makeovers. Junior’s outfit mimics ferocious Imperator Furiosa’s get-up to make any desert dune driver proud.

Yes, Junior is a girl, and “Pfuriosa” digs her new threads.

She hasn’t seen any of the “Mad Max” movies yet. But she loves jumping into her one-of-a-kind vehicle and chasing the family pug around, her proud father says.

Imperator Junior.

Coincidentally, Junior was born just a day before “Mad Max: Fury Road” was released, and avid fan Ian had to abandon his opening night plans.

As for baby Benji, all of his dad’s remodeling hasn’t made much of an impact as of yet.

Still, he makes for a cute little tough guy behind the wheel.

“The reaction to the mobiles has been great,” Ian revealed to Buzzfeed.

“Our friends and family love it, and I enjoy seeing people get a kick out of them.”

So is Ian done getting his obsession with all things “Mad Max” out of his system? Not by a long shot.

“I have more boxes full of junk and I’m ready to build a fleet!”

Calling franchise creator, George Miller: in case you’re looking for two kiddie extras to cast in the next “Mad Max” movie, Ian Pfaff’s spawn are trained and ready to roll.

They come with their own cars, too.

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