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25 Hilariously Badass Animals That Just Never Gave a Damn About Anything

Animals trolling like a boss!






Some humans are notorious for not giving a damn about the people and the things around them. They may ignore rules and throw away any form of caution to the wind. Well, they might not be able to help it, that might just be who they are.

But who would have thought that animals can be just like humans in this regard? Yes, animals can act like assholes, too, and annoyingly troll both humans and animals alike. You can kiss your dream of domesticating these animals goodbye because they, obviously, would not allow any mere human to interfere with their savage ways.

From a cat that can’t be bothered about its human’s drunken stupor to a goat that leisurely strolls among alligators, these animals are the epitome of plain, unadulterated badassness.

Check them out. Who knows, you might just find your spirit animal somewhere.

1. This dog was supposed to learn how to swim. Well, he seems content with floating.

2. This chicken knew what thug life meant.

3. This duck just gave zero f**ks.

4. This kitty just doesn’t care.

5. Say hello to the most badass goat on the planet.

6. Oh, my deer.

7. Literally some people.

Source: boredpanda
8. It seems to enjoy the ride, though.

9. How Baby Jesus got evicted.

10. “Whatever, human.”

11. This adorable pup jumped onto the boat, strolled into the cabin, and got comfy on the couch.

12. How to lounge like a boss.

13. Ah, that feeling of greatness.

Source: boredpanda
14. The look on the dog’s face, though.

Source: boredpanda
15. This seagull has got some gall.

16. That’s some serious free trial.

Source: dzzh/ Reddit
17. Probably the most elegant centerpiece that ever existed.

18. “Give me back my cot!”

19. Zero f**k on a rainy day

Source: boredpanda
20. The paw stamp of approval.

21. New Rescue Cat: 1 Windshield: 0

22. This unimpressed dog looks very unimpressed.

Source: boredpanda
23. You have been warned.

24. “He, we lost the guy in the sled a few miles back. But what the hell, this is fun!”

25. When you’re the oldest cousin at a family reunion.

Source: boredpanda

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