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12 Surprising Things To Add To Your Coffee To Switch Up The Flavor





Nothing beats the feeling of sipping your favorite cup of coffee every morning or any time of the day when you needed a caffeine boost. But did you know that you can actually amp up the flavor by adding some coffee enhancers?

Cream and sugar are the most common add-ons to your coffee. However, if you feel like you’re in the mood to switch up the flavor, here are 12 surprising things to add to your favorite beverage.

1. Cinnamon

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Replacing your cream and sugar with cinnamon will not only add a unique sweetness to your drink, but it can also help you save calories.

2. Butter

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Butter in coffee a.k.a. “Bulletproof Coffee” may sound like a deadly combination, but it is claimed that the mix will help you burn more fat. Why? Because it gives your body fast quick energy that it will in turn use and burn.

3. Ice cream

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A scoop of ice cream in your coffee makes a lot of sense since there are already coffee-flavored ice creams being sold in the market, so the combination had already been proven to be a hit.

4. Salt

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A pinch of salt is all you need to decrease the bitterness of your coffee.

5. Egg

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While this may sound like a mixture meant for bodybuilders, it is actually pretty common in Scandinavia. If you want to try this combination, check out the full method here.

6. Cardamom

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Cardamom is another spice that could change your caffeine game. Adding this to your coffee will give you a little kick.

7. Alcohol

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Just like ice cream, there are alcoholic beverages out there with a coffee flavor. With that said, this mixture is already a sure win.

8. Coconut oil

Source: Pexels

Adding coconut oil to your coffee will make it thicker and will leave you feeling full much longer.

9. Lemon or lime

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Just like salt, adding a lemon or lime peel to your coffee will reduce the bitterness. It will also enhance the sweeter nodes.

10. Condensed milk

Source: Pexels

Adding condensed milk to coffee is quite popular in Southeast Asia. It makes the mixture sweeter, thicker, and creamier.

11. Tonic water

Source: Pexels

If you want a refreshing kick to your coffee, then just add tonic water in it. The mixture is like a creme soda, but with caffeine.

12. Coca-Cola

Source: Pexels

Adding a cup of coke to your dark or medium roast coffee is the perfect bubbly pick-me-up drink. This is a perfect beverage for caffeine lovers.

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