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Teenager Jumps Off a Building After Discovering Her Boyfriend’s Secret

This teenager got suicidal!

Fortunately, the young lady survived.


It was a good thing the firefighters were able to set up a giant cushion just in time to save the damsel in distress!

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This is What Beijing Looks Like Without Air Pollution

The change was unbelievable.


If you've been to China, or even lived there, then you would probably be used to the layer of smog covering its cities every day. In situations like this, breathing becomes so difficult and people are at higher risk of developing respiratory diseases. A breath of fresh air is nothing but a wish and a luxury.

China, recognizing the dire situation that its constituents were forced to live in, attempted to alleviate its worsening air quality by putting restrictions on car use and factory operations. This move forced cars to drive on alternating days in Beijing. However, these efforts were short-lived, as the government only initiated such actions for major events in the city.

Beijing is known for its bad and dangerous air quality.


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UFO Caused Temporary Shut Down of a Major Airport in China

The Chinese ATCs ground outbound flights and redirect inbound flights whenever there’s a UFO sighting.

Last July 7, 2010, an unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted in China, and the news took the internet by storm. A flight crew noticed the UFO while their plane was preparing to descend at the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou around 8:40 p.m. They immediately notified the Chinese air traffic controllers (ATC) about the sighting. According to reports, the airport officials were forced to ground outbound flights and divert inbound planes to other proximal airports temporarily.
Eighteen flights were affected, but the operations resumed an hour later.

Several theories emerged regarding the UFO's identity back then.


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Some said it was either a U.S. missile or a Russian satellite. Others also expressed that it was preposterous to think that it was an alien spaceship. Some people believed it was a Chinese missile or an aircraft on a test drive. Residents claim, however, that they saw a flying object that afternoon prior to the incident at the airport.

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Watch How Ecstatic this Stolen Pug was to be Reunited with Her Owner

Lola was definitely overjoyed.

When given the chance, burglars will steal your valuable possessions. Those low-life criminals usually steal phones, wallets, jewelry, or some valuable appliances around their victim's house. And although it's devastating to lose something you’ve worked so hard for, at least those material things can be replaced.

But these particular lot stole something else from Kate Witham's home in Harlow, Essex, England---her dog.

The burglars took Ms. Witham's pug, Lola probably after realizing that the pedigree pooch can be sold at a decent price.

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