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TikTok Teens Dress Up as Grandmas and Wear Masks to Buy Booze




  • Teenagers are taking advantage of the policies to wear face masks when going outdoors.
  • Some of them are dressing up as elderly people to buy alcohol.
  • They post their videos of transformation and successful purchases on TikTok.
  • However, most of the posts has since been removed by TikTok for violation of its community guidelines.

Some people find that wearing masks is an inconvenience at this time of the pandemic. They go to great lengths to complain about it and disregard the rule. However, teenagers in the United States have found some loophole in this situation to their advantage. And of course, they gotta post their achievement on TikTok!

What these underaged teenagers are up to is to dress up as elderly grandmas while wearing face masks. They will then go to stores to buy alcoholic beverages.

It all started out as some posts in TikTok encouraged others to take advantage of “wear-your-mask” situation and use their fake IDs because people can’t see their faces.

It eventually escalated further to dressing up as grandmas in baggy dresses and head scarves. Some also added dry shampoo or powder in their hair for that convincing gray hair effect. One user even put on a rubber face mask for wrinkles. And to top it all of is a surgical mask to pull off the transformation.

Many TikTok users jumped in on the trend with some users racking up millions of views. However, as of this writing the videos have since been removed in the video-sharing service.

Meanwhile, you can still watch this short video of one TikTok user showing off her successful conquest at a 7-11 store:

We gotta admit, that is some clever tactic these teens have come up with! However, this should remind store clerks to be more vigilant for rogue under-aged kids who might pull off this stunt!

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