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Heartbreaking Moment Birthday Boy Invited 32 Classmates To His Party and No One Came

Fortunately, things eventually took a good, interesting twist!

Mark Andrew





Young Teddy Mazzini was excited for his upcoming birthday. In fact, he gave invitations to 32 of his classmates. The party was going to be held at a pizza store but unfortunately, none of his friends came over when the day finally came.

Sil Mazzini, his mother, took a photo of the sad occasion and took it upon herself to upload it on Facebook. In the said image, the boy can be seen sitting alone in the table and his facial expression says a lot. The picture eventually went viral on social media.

In an interview with KSAZ Fox 10 News, Sil said she made 32 goodie bags for the event. Aside from the invitation cards that Teddy distributed, she also took time to remind the kids’ parents – who confirmed that the children would attend.

Heartbreaking: No one came for litte Teddy’s birthday party!

Unfortunately, things didn’t end well for the celebrant because not a single classmate took time to attend at the pizza party held at a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. Naturally, the mother and her son were upset.

Netizens took attention of the viral photo and eventually, good things started to happen.

Phoenix Suns took notice and invited Teddy to their game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Teddy got free tickets and his family was given the VIP treatment.

Just look at how happy that little guy is!

As if that wasn’t enough, Phoenix Rising invited the to their football match so he can celebrate with “7,000 of his closest friends.”

Shortly thereafter, news sources came to cover his touching story which led to further exposure on the internet.

Its moments like these that definitely restore our faith in humanity. Kudos to these professional sports teams for making a child feel special after a sad experience.

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Bride Plays Along When Little Girl With Autism Mistakes Her For Cinderella

“Have fun at the ball!”




A so-called Cinderella has gone viral after she turned out to be a bit of a fairy godmother, granting a big wish to a little girl. Five-year-old Layla Lester has autism and is a huge Disney princess fan. Her mom says Layla saw Olivia Spark taking her wedding photos in a park and she thought the bride was Cinderella.

Wedding and wildlife photographer Nicole Wickins saw the moment unfolding and started snapping pictures. The sweet moment quickly made its way around the internet ever since.

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Dad Spends Quality Time With Son’s Bully After Learning About His Life

He deserves to be called a father of the year!




Bullying is never acceptable. Many believed that the best revenge is to let the bullies taste their own medicine, and a lot of people resorted to this idea.

But one dad of a bullied boy took a different approach. Instead of retaliating on behalf of his son, he decided to get to know the bully more and discovered something about his life.

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Teenager Drives 220 Miles To Deliver Sick Man’s Favorite Pizza

Faith in humanity officially restored!

Nobelle Borines



Some people can truly astound us with their kindness and generosity. A teenager who works at a pizza place decided to break the restaurant's "no delivery" policy for a terminally ill customer. In addition to that, the 18-year-old drove 220 miles just to make sure the sick man could enjoy his favorite pizza.

Dalton Shaffer was working at Steve's Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan when he received the call. The man on the other line told the teenager about his son-in-law Rich Morgan, who loved the restaurant's pizza. Although the man only asked if Steve's could send Rich a text or card, Shaffer decided that he should deliver the ill man his favorite pie. He insisted on doing so despite being told that Rich is in Indianapolis or that Steve's does not make deliveries.

The teenager traveled seven hours roundtrip so a dying man could enjoy his favorite pizza.

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