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Guy Gives ‘Perfect’ Birthday Card for Girlfriend – But Gets Her Name Wrong!





If you’re a good boyfriend, you know how important it is to make your girl feel special all the time – especially during her birthday. It’s definitely a big occasion you should prepare for if you’re aiming to make your significant other happy.

This is exactly what Ryan tried to do for Laura’s big day. The couple, who has been together since they were students, has had a lot of pictures together and so Ryan had a brilliant idea. He thought he’d make a personalized birthday card for her using their photos.

Source: Unilad

It sounded like the perfect plan but unfortunately, Ryan forgot about one important detail.

Hopping on to the Moonpig website, Ryan picked a template and began uploading his chosen images. Much to his surprise, however, he forgot to edit ‘Georgia’ the template’s default name, into ‘Laura.’ So his ‘perfect’ gift eventually received a hilarious reaction not only from Laura but from netizens everywhere when she posted about the mistake on social media.

In an interview with Unilad, Laura shared:

“Every year he books a night away somewhere and writes where we’re going in the card but the past two years he’s just told me where he’s booked because the card is always late.

“So the weekend before my birthday he’s banging on about this card and how much of a ‘good one’ it is this year.

“Don’t get me wrong, the pictures he’s picked are my favorite ones of us so I can see why he was excited to give me it.”

That’s the part where things took a funny turn later on.

Source: Unilad

She continued:

“So he hands me (the card) in the same envelope that it got delivered to his house in – even although it comes with two as you’re meant to open it, CHECK IT and put it in a fresh envelope.

“Might I add when it got delivered to his house, his mum said to him maybe you should check it but he was adamant it was perfect.”

When she finally opened the card, she asked if he’s kidding, which left him confused. Ryan ended up apologizing and explaining he actually didn’t notice the wrong name as he was too busy with the pictures. Fortunately, Laura immediately forgave him.

Source: Unilad

Laura said about her boyfriend:

“He does try his best with absolutely everything but sometimes his lack of common sense gets in the way.

“This is the most him thing possible. He was so excited to give me the card and it was just so funny because he tried so hard. I couldn’t even be angry at him.

“I shouted my mum in and told her about it and she couldn’t stop laughing. It’s up on my window ledge because I love the pictures on it.

“I don’t think I’ll ever part with it. It’s a keepsake for sure.”

So yeah, at the end of the day, things still went well since Laura actually liked the card despite the glaring error. Still, this should serve as a lesson for the guys out there. If you want to surprise your girlfriend (in a good way), make sure you check her name first!

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