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Sons Prank Their Dad By Putting His Number On A HUGE Billboard

“You don’t know me but heard it is going to be your birthday, I saw it on a billboard.”

Mark Andrew





Imagine waking up one day and getting thousands of messages on your phone from numbers you don’t even recognize! That’s the exact dilemma one father experienced after his sons played a prank and put his mobile number on a huge billboard.

Michael and Christopher Ferry wanted to make their father’s upcoming birthday a bit different than usual so they decided to do one thing. They thought it would be funny if they hired a billboard in New Jersey and put their father’s face and contact info out in the public. So they shelled out $2,000 for that.

The billboard read ‘Wish My Dad Happy Birthday — Love, Your Sons’.

Chris Ferry, their 62-year-old father, had no idea what they did until he began receiving messages – and his phone has since been ringing non-stop.

The story has since gone viral among many news sources. In an Inside Edition interview, Chris shared:

“Every state in the Union, Luxemburg, Kenya, Philippines, Caritas Island – that little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, they tried calling me.”

According to Chris, the first birthday message he got was from a man named Nick.

“I said, ‘Who is this? I don’t recognize the number.’ ‘Nick,’ [they said]. ‘Nick who?’ ‘You don’t know me but heard it is going to be your birthday, I saw it on a billboard,'” said Chris.

Of course, Chris did what anyone of us would’ve done – he immediately rushed out to confirm and check the billboard himself. Plus he took a selfie with it in the background.

Meanwhile, Michael said about the stunt:

“Our idea behind it was to get people that know him to call him, we didn’t really think it would be thousands and thousands of people.

“But we are taken back by it, and we’re very excited to see my dad smile because he really deserves it.”

With that said, happy birthday Chris! Make sure to plot your own revenge one of these days.

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Strong And Independent Dog Suddenly Got Scared When She Lost Sight Of Her Owner

She clearly looked concerned!




It’s no secret that dogs and their humans have a sweet bond and they usually consider each other their best friend. However, that doesn’t mean that the owner will lock their furry pets at home all the time to keep them away from danger.

Since humans take their dogs for a walk most of the time, this gave these canines the confidence to stroll around knowing that they’re with their pal. But one video shows that even an independent dog would still get scared when she lost sight of her owner.

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Son Pranks Religious Mom With Obi-Wan Kenobi Picture As Jesus Christ Portrait

“[My dad] said ‘it almost looks like Obi-wan Kenobi’ but he figured it was just coincidence.”

Nobelle Borines



He's certainly a bold one. A man decided to play a prank on his religious mother by presenting her with a portrait of Jesus Christ. However, the said image actually depicts a young Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars prequel films.

The man named Ryan actually shared a video of his parents unwrapping the portrait. However, the video has since been taken down. Interestingly, it may have something to do with Ryan's Reddit post where he revealed that his mom loves the picture so much that she has mounted the Obi-Wan Kenobi portrait on their wall.

The portrait of the Jedi Master proudly looks over Ryans' parents' home.

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Daughter Plays Hilarious Christmas Prank On Dad Yet Again

“His face played a symphony of emotions: satisfaction, triumph, smugness, consternation, confusion, realization, horror, disgust.”

Nobelle Borines



Christmas is a wonderful time for giving, merrymaking, and having fun with your loved ones. Not surprisingly, it's also the best season for pranks. One daughter has already played a hilarious prank on her father two years ago. However, she decided to do it once again on her wary dad.

Judy Brown is a Scottish singer who also loves her father. However, that hasn't stopped Judy from playing pranks on her dad, who has a soft spot for Ferrero Rocher chocolates. In 2016, Judy had carefully removed the nutty chocolates from their wrapper and replaced them with brussel sprouts. The prank went perfectly and she decided that 2018 would be the year to try the prank again.

Could this be the world's most evil yet hilarious daughter?

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