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3-Year-Old Girl Picks ‘The Nun’ As Birthday Theme

Well, this is something you don’t see everyday.

  • One little girl is a huge fan of “The Nun”
  • After watching the movie at her grandma’s house, Lucia demanded to make it as her theme for her birthday.
  • Her cousin posted some photos on social media and quickly went viral.
  • “The Nun” actress Bonnie Aarons responded to Lucia.

If the endless parade of princess-themed birthday parties is getting a little boring, one little girl is certainly a breath of fresh air. Lucia decided to change things up a bit by choosing a rather unique theme for her birthday.

While kids her age would prefer popular cartoon characters, princesses, and superheroes, the three-year-old girl demanded to have a “The Nun” birthday party theme. That’s right, folks. The little girl chose the 2018 Mystery/Thriller flick that most adults couldn’t even dare watch as her theme.

It all started when Lucia saw “The Nun” at her grandmother’s house and insisted on watching all of it. Instead of forcing her to choose a different theme, her mom obliged.

Her cousin Andrea then shared some pictures on social media where the young celebrant dressed in a black veil and creepy makeup. The unexpected theme grabbed a lot of attention from netizens and quickly went viral. In fact, Lucia even got a response from “The Nun” herself.

Andrea followed it up with an image of Lucia posing with a friend, also in makeup, and wrote: “And if anyone was wondering yes her friends also participated in the theme.”

Andrea said in an interview:

“I was laughing so hard when I first saw the theme of the party, I thought it was a joke at first but turns out Lucia had insisted on it being based on the Nun.”

She shared in another interview that Lucia’s parents are very supportive of her theme because she was very persistent. In fact, they even have to do extra effort to make the pinata and cake.

After learning about Lucia’s theme, Bonnie took to Twitter to greet the young horror fan:

She wrote:

“Happy Birthday Lucia!!! HAPPY EVERY DAY!!”

According to a report, “The Nun” actress offered to send Lucia a gift.


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