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This Scientist Hasn’t Taken a Bath in 12 Years, Uses “Bacteria Spray” Instead





Imagine not taking a bath for one day. Pretty bearable, right? Well, then, here’s a challenge: can you refrain from taking a bath for 12 years?

Apparently, American scientist Dave Whitlock doesn’t believe in the effectivity of showers, hence he decided to scrap taking a bath altogether. Instead of using soap and water to wash himself, he decided to use a “bacterial spray” – a mist which contains live bacteria.


Dave Whitlock is a chemical engineer who graduated from MIT.


He thinks showers are overrated.


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According to Dave, there hasn’t been any clinical trials done to prove that taking a bath is good for our health. Furthermore, he believes that the chemical contents of commercially-available soaps and shampoos destroy the friendly bacterial flora in our skin which help maintain our cleanliness.

His idea for a bacterial spray started when a woman he dated asked him why horses liked to roll in the dirt. That sparked his interest in skin bacteria. Whitlock then went ahead and invented a spray called “Mother DirtAO+ Mist” – which was made up of “good bacteria”.

The bacteria used in the mist feed off the urea and ammonia in sweat.


Photo credit: AO Biome
The bacterial spray is being manufactured by AOBiome.


Photo credit: AOBiome

It’s great that Dave Whitlock has created this bacterial spray. Personally though, I wouldn’t recommend ditching showers altogether!

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Source: Oddity Central

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