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Indian Wife Wants To Divorce Husband Because He Doesn’t Take A Bath

She says he stinks and she can’t take it anymore.

  • Soni Devi, 20, has filed a complaint against her husband, 23-year-old Manish Ram.
  • The woman wants a divorce from her husband because he stinks and has extremely poor hygiene habits.

A woman from India has made headlines after filing a divorce from her husband for a strange reason. Soni Devi, 20 years old, of Vaishali, Bihar said she could no longer take living with her husband, Manish Ram, 23, because he does not take a bath.

In a report by Times of India, we learn that the petitioner has said that her spouse “does not shave, take a bath or brush his teeth regularly.” The State Women’s Commission (SWC) has since given Manish a 2-month ultimatum to change his habits or face the legal consequences.

Soni Devi wants to divorce plumber husband Manish Ram because of his poor hygiene and foul body odor, saying he has “ruined” her life.

Pratima Sinha of the SWC said she was surprised by the reasons given by the complainant about why she wants a divorce. The couple tied the knot back in 2017.

Manish, who earns his living as a plumber, “doesn’t have manners,” according to Soni. He also goes as far as 10 days without bathing and shaving. She has suffered much because of his poor hygiene, saying she can no longer “bear the humiliation” that comes with it and so she’s insisting on having a separation as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Manish says he does not want a divorce and promised he will do his best to improve in the lifestyle aspects mentioned by Soni.

Netizens, of course, couldn’t help but comment on the absurd divorce story.

Some netizens said the reason for the divorce “seems petty” while others commented they “wouldn’t blame or judge the wife” for her decisions. One woman even said she wouldn’t hesitate to “do the same” if she had a husband like that.


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