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People Are Debating Whether Or Not Men Should Change Underwear Every Day




  • A user on Reddit attracted numerous comments from netizens after asking how often men change their underwear.
  • The reactions were pretty mixed and some were plain hilarious.

Fact: Reddit is home to some of the most interesting discussions out there on the internet. Some can be pretty informative, entertaining, or even just outright gross.

Case in point, one concerned wife took time to ask an important question that’s been boggling her mind for a while: How often do men change their underwear?

In a post that has since attracted a lot of revealing and hilarious reactions, u/Trashy_ramblings wrote:

“My husband says he doesn’t need to change his underwear daily. What are the usual rules for male hygiene routines?

“So I just figured out my husband doesn’t change his underwear daily. Sometimes he goes a few days between changes. He says that it’s ‘unrealistic’ for people to change their undies every day. I’d be interested to know if there are things that I thought were basic hygiene rules that are not. Maybe I’m the idiot for going through a pair a day. I feel like women have set rules about brushing teeth and changing undies and stuff like that. Please tell me all!”

Some responses were pretty brutal and direct.

“Rule #1: if you can smell your own stench, others have been smelling it for some time already.”

Someone named danish_atheist said:

“I change my underwear evertime I shower. So once a week.”

TemporaryEconomist pointed out:

“In some climates I have to take a shower every day, because of the heat and humidity. Florida for example. Shower every day. Change clothes every day.

“In other climates, such as here in Iceland, it’s not humid enough or hot enough for you to smell after a single day. You don’t just sweat out of nowhere. You’ll literally have to physically exert yourself to sweat over here.”

rdizzy1223 shared:

“Highly depends on what you do all day. I personally don’t do jack sh*t, as I’m disabled, just sitting around all day, so why bother? If you were out working and sweating up creating a breeding ground for bacteria growth, sure, but if you are sitting around all day doing nothing in a house with perfect temps, then it’s just a waste of laundry for no reason.”

A female Redditor who goes by IamfromCanuckistan also symphatized with the original poster’s dilemma, confessing:

“I dated someone like this. He refused to believe I hated BJs solely because he wouldn’t wipe his ass properly and I could literally smell sh*t if I went down there. I can’t believe I put up with that.”

Meanwhile, one of the replies that was often hailed by other users as the “best response” was a lengthy one from poopin_for_change who wrote:

“This is the biggest question. It’s such an absurd idea to me, i made a list of reasons why changing underwear once a day would be unrealistic:

“He doesn’t have any hands.

“He is a never-nude.

“He is scared of the troll that lives in his undies.

“His underwear is made of cotton candy, so washing with water is out of the question.

“His underwear is made of metal, and will damage the washing machine.

“His underwear is made of grass, and will fall apart after too many washes.

“He was the victim of a tragic ‘super glue in the undies’ bullying situation as a child.

“His legs are connected at the bottom instead of having feet, so the underwear simply can’t be taken off.

“He thinks washing your underwear is done like washing your body, and he washes them in the shower while wearing them.

“His underwear is actually live scorpions.

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