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British Tourist Rants About ‘Vietnamese Showers’, Ends Up Embarrassing Himself Instead!





While going on a vacation is always fun, having a perfect one is never an easy thing to achieve. In most cases, you will most likely encounter an inconvenience, be it big or small. A late taxi, an over-priced meal, a lost baggage, perhaps? Name it, most tourists have probably experienced it!

Case in point, one British tourist recently took to social media to rant about a weird thing he noticed while he was in Vietnam. He is, of course, talking about the strange “shower” in his hotel bathroom. Unknown to him, he’d end up embarrassing himself pretty hard.

Netizens couldn’t help but laugh about this tourist’s “shower” rant.

Aside from writing a rant, he also shared a photo of himself in the shower (while washing his hair) to illustrate his point.

While in the city of Hanoi, tourist Hamish Carruthers complained about his bathroom experience.

His post read:

“Alright guys, I’ve been in Hanoi almost a week now and I’m loving. My only complaint is the showers. Im all for saving water but having to hold your finger on the button to keep the water flowing seems a bit extreme. The cold temperature doesn’t bother me too much but why are they so low?

“You have to bend down to wash your head. Vietnamese people aren’t that short… I’ve tried 2 different hostels now and they both have this style of shower, what are other peoples opinions on the Vietnamese shower?[sic]”

Naturally, the post attracted a lot of laughter from netizens everywhere. This was, of course, due to the fact that the low shower heads weren’t actually for showering!

Not a shower head – it’s called a bidet a.k.a. “bum gun.”

As one commenter explained:

“Thats not the bleedin’ shower man. Thats your toilet roll substitute.”

Another added:

“Hahah, OMG, you’re so innocent. This is the water gun cleaning your anal after sh*tting, not for shower.”

Hamish’ blunder has since gone viral online, attracting a lot of attention not only on social media but even among several news sites.

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