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Gross Moment Guy Washes His Dog’s Butt In Water Fountain

“It is completely disgusting, not to mention a health risk.”

  • An unnamed pet owner recently went viral online for a disgusting reason.
  • As seen on the video, this guy washed his dog’s bum in a public drinking fountain.
  • The incident happened in Rushcutters Bay Park in Sydney, Australia.

As pet owners, it is our job to take good care of our animals and give them the best treatment. Of course, we should always remember basic hygiene practices, especially if we are in public places.

One man has recently been bashed online after he was spotted washing his dog’s butt – on a public water fountain. He was filmed while doing the deed at the park and the video has since gone viral on social media.

This will make you think twice about drinking from a fountain!

According to a report posted by the Daily Mail, it was Rebecca Laurie who captured the incident on camera. Apparently, Rebecca was hanging out with her family in Rushcutters Bay Park, a park in Sydney, Australia.

Much to their shock and surprise, the man stopped by the drinking fountain and began washing his pooch’s bum.

It’s ‘completely disgusting,’ according to Rebecca.

In a media interview, Rebecca shared:

“It is completely disgusting, not to mention a health risk, I am sure people who [haven’t seen the video] are using that bubbler today.”

And yes, Rebecca -and many others – tried stopping the man but he paid them no attention and simply continued with the washing.

“He did not care in the slightest,” said Rebecca. In fact, the guy even told them they don’t drink directly from the bubbler’s bowl.

Watch the video here:

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Naturally, the video has grossed out a lot of people, with some netizens indicating that they will “never drink” from a fountain ever again. Some also bashed the pet owner for being “completely disrespectful.”

Of course, the right thing to do whenever a pet owner needs to wash an animal in public is to get a water bottle. It’s doesn’t really have to be complicated and people just need to use common sense!


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