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Man Rudely Honked His Car at This Old Lady and Her Revenge Is Sweet

Rude man got his fill after he honked his car at an elderly woman!

Older adults are meant to be understood, respected and given courtesy. Because of their generally frail bodies, it is a given that they move slow or they experience mental lapses here and there. Our roles as loving relatives and good citizens is to assist them and be there for them whenever they need it.

In this video we found, a group of skaters were filming their routines in the street when suddenly, a very loud car honk grabbed their attention and the one holding the video camera turned to the commotion. The scene of the very rude man honking at an elderly woman in the streets was clearly captured. We think it was highly offensive considering that the woman was in the pedestrian lane.

The woman immediately got back to the rude man by doing this:

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No matter how slow an elderly person is, we should be patient and understand their situation. Because when it is time for us to be in their position, we might just get the treatment we are giving them now.

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Fishing Tales Turned into Scary Stories in Florida. But they’re Not About Sea Monsters!

A local fisherman says every time she goes fishing, she catches a shark.


The local fishermen in Jacksonville Beach Pier, Florida are hearing some scary stories. The stories are so frightening that one of them refuses to return to the sea. But no, they're not talking about mermaids and sea monsters, but sharks!

Sharks live in oceans, although some types, like the bull sharks and river sharks, inhabit fresh water. They migrate to search for food.

There are more than 470 species of this animal; however, only the great white, oceanic whitetip, tiger, and bull sharks are known to attack humans. ...

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Her Baby was Drowning in the Pool. Watch How this Clever Dog Saved the Toddler!

The mother was surprised to see his son on top of the water. Their dog is a big hero!

Apart from being loving and caring, dogs can be very wise too. They can play catch better than any pets, learn tricks and be trained with whatever we want them to do. In addition, dogs almost always have the mind of a security personnel. They will do anything just to safeguard their owner and the entire household.

Patricia Drauch, a mom from Michigan, recalls how the family black lab named Bear saved the life of her 14-month old toddler. She said she was walking towards the garage to get some tools and she knew her son, Stanley was right beside her. But when she turned, Stanley was nowhere to be found. Patricia searched all over the house for her son and found him in the backyard pool. Surprisingly, Stanley was floating above the water. When Patricia came closer, she learned that Bear was keeping Stanley above the water and would not move until she comes and gets the boy.

Patricia immediately called 911 but to no avail. She drove to the fire department and brought Stanley, who was later rushed to the hospital. As per X-ray results, Stanley had no water in his lungs and hence, was discharged later that day. Patricia said it was all thanks to Bear....

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She Looks Like The Other Girls On The Street, But She Has A Tragic Secret

She looks like a normal teenage girl, until you see what she’s hiding underneath.

Whenever we get mad at our siblings, we call them every offensive name imaginable just to get back at them. You may have called your brother or sister a parasite during one of your sibling conflicts.

It’s just an expression of course, but in the case of 17-year old Workitu Debebet, calling her sibling a parasite can be literal. You see, Workitu had a twin sibling that was growing out of her, a human parasite, if you will.

Workitu looks just like a regular 17-year old.


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