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Man Rudely Honked His Car at This Old Lady and Her Revenge Is Sweet





Older adults are meant to be understood, respected and given courtesy. Because of their generally frail bodies, it is a given that they move slow or they experience mental lapses here and there. Our roles as loving relatives and good citizens is to assist them and be there for them whenever they need it.

In this video we found, a group of skaters were filming their routines in the street when suddenly, a very loud car honk grabbed their attention and the one holding the video camera turned to the commotion. The scene of the very rude man honking at an elderly woman in the streets was clearly captured. We think it was highly offensive considering that the woman was in the pedestrian lane.

The woman immediately got back to the rude man by doing this:

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No matter how slow an elderly person is, we should be patient and understand their situation. Because when it is time for us to be in their position, we might just get the treatment we are giving them now.

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