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Despite The Flood, Workers Continue Pouring Cement Into A Roadway In Bangkok




  • A road crew in Bangkok has been filmed pouring cement into the street during a flood.
  • The video immediately went viral on social media as netizens shared and reacted to it.
  • Some also wondered if cement on flood water could “actually work.”

This is definitely not something you see on a daily basis. And we probably wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t see any proof. But yes, a group of workers in Bangkok has been captured on film pouring gallons of cement into a flooded street in Bangkok.

As anyone could expect, the video eventually went viral on social media as amused netizens couldn’t help but react at the bizarre sight.

Nothing can stop these workers . Not even flood!

Passerby Ipod Manjasannoi filmed the roadway workers and uploaded it on social media. However, he later deleted it but not before other netizens and media outlets started reposting it.

A man can be heard in the background, commenting:

“Look, look, look, this is f*#king genius. Pouring cement into a flood, holy f*#k, I have never seen this! This is the real deal, can this actually work?”

Watch the video here:

“Perhaps we should update the old Thai saying ‘grinding chillies to throw away in the river’ to ‘pouring cement on a flooded road’,” one social media netizen said, referencing a popular Thai idiom that’s often used to describe useless efforts.

Meanwhile, another defended that concrete can actually “cure underwater.” The person continued, “It obviously will take longer, but it can still do its job. I am only assuming the proper prep work and framing took place before the pour. If so, it will all be just fine.”

Apparently, Bangkok has earlier been hit by a strong storm which has since brought flooding into several areas. According to reports, the crew have been busy working on the road project even before the flood struck.

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