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Rude Guy Steals Woman’s Parking Space; Her Revenge Was Hilarious!

She had the last laugh even if he stole her spot!


We always want to get a nice parking spot. Maybe it’s under the shade or near the entrance to the building you’re visiting. The search for the perfect parking spot, however, can be tricky especially if you are desperate and in a hurry to find the best one. You could feel the excitement when you thought you have found the spot in an almost filled parking space, but when you’re about to make that turn, you realize that a tiny car is already parked in.

Then there’s finally finding a parking spot after several hours of waiting and driving by in circles. But much to your surprise, some jerk cuts in and steals that space as you’re about to park. That should be enough to ruin your day, right?

It is tempting enough to confront the person who just stole your parking spot and this can escalate pretty quickly. It’s either you avoid the trouble or you go for it to make a point. But this woman in the video below chose to keep her cool – and that’s because she has awesome maneuvering skills.

Watch this woman and her impressive parking skills when someone stole her spot.

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This woman definitely has some skills for being able to park in such a cramped space. And she definitely had the last laugh trapping the idiot who stole the spot that was supposed to be hers.

Sorry dude, you asked for that “in-your-face” moment!

Can you keep your cool if someone stole your parking space? Maybe you would if you could pull off something like that. Can you do what the woman just did? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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