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This Video Sends a Powerful Message About Texting While Driving

Because one mistake on the road can mean the death of another person.


What are your reasons for texting and driving? Surfing the web because of boredom? Typing a reply to mom’s text? Sure, it may seem urgent and important at that time, but is it really more important than another person’s life you might be endangering?

This is the strong message that Summer Break wants to convey in its video. Many of us are guilty of using our mobile phones while on the road, making us distracted while driving. According to the United States CDC Injury Center, 424,000 people figured in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers in 2013.

In the video, Stacy tells her story to drivers who have admitted to using their phones while driving. What started as a pretty simple interview for these young drivers soon became a powerful lesson about life and the choices that you make.

Watch the emotional video below:

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Nothing on your phone can be as important as another person’s life. Anything can wait.

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An Indian Couple Gets Banned from Nepal Over Fake Everest Photos

The couple is banned from climbing any mountain in Nepal for ten years.


An Indian couple is banned from climbing any mountain in Nepal for ten years after they were found to have faked their Everest photos.

Dinesh Rathod and his wife allegedly faked their Everest photos

The Indian couple who allegedly faked their Everest photos

Source: Independent

The Indian couple, Dinesh Rathod and his wife, claimed that they reached the peak of Everest on May 23rd. Nepal's Tourism Department initially verified their claim. However, upon closer inspection of their supposed photos, it was found that they superimposed their faces and the Indian flag on another mountaineer's photos.

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A Bronze Statue Was Made For Russia’s Most Loyal Dog

Russia’s most loyal dog, Kostya is teaching us what loyalty means.

If there's one important thing that we can learn from our dog best friends, it's their enduring loyalty to their masters. Hachiko's story is just one of the few that often touches a chord and teaches us the beauty of love, friendship, and loyalty.

Meanwhile, another dog has won the hearts of many people and was even hailed a local legend in Tolyatti, Russia. The German Shepherd has been known around the city for his remarkable and unwavering loyalty to his master.

In 1995, Tolyatti residents began noticing a dog at the edge of South Highway, staying at the same spot and rushing at passing cars as if expecting someone. Townspeople found out later that the dog had been riding in a car with a man and a woman who had an accident and died, leaving him as the lone survivor.

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One Last Touch: Dying Cat Held His Owners’ Hands One Last Time

I remember the day I first got you, how little and cute you were, fur so soft to the touch, eyes glinting mischief. How many socks have I lost only to find you "kidnapping and torturing" them. And no matter how I instinctively want to reprimand you, each time I would just succumb to your cuteness and "innocence".

The real reason...

The real reason...

I am Innocent until proven guilty, human. I don't know how these socks got there!

I am Innocent until proven guilty, human. I don't know how these socks got there!

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