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Poor Boy Inhales Party Whistle, Honks Every Time He Inhales





Children say and do the darndest things, indeed. It is their innocence, curiosity, and carefree sense of adventure that often lands them in silly, sometimes even dangerous, situations. For parents, it is important that they provide guidance as their kids try to navigate and understand the world around them. Of course, moms and dads can only do so much. Their children are bound to get in trouble sooner or later.

An eight-year-old boy from San Miguel de Tucuman in Argentina definitely learned his lesson to be more careful about his actions. Unfortunately, the young boy swallowed the whistle component of a party horn. The object got stuck in his throat and this caused him to honk every time he breathed in.

In a video posted by Doctor Santiago Gomez Zuviría to Facebook, the boy looks burdened and unhappy with the situation he got himself into.

The video was posted by Doctor Santiago Gomez Zuviría to Facebook as a warning to both parents and children about the risks involved when buying and using toys. The doctor hopes that moms and dads, as well as children, can be more mindful when purchasing and handling toys.

Children are always at risk when playing with toys.

Toys can pose choking hazards. They can also expose children to harmful chemicals if the toys are not of high quality and are not made of safe materials. To be extra vigilant, parents should buy toys only from reliable shops and manufacturers. They should also double-check each toy for any loose parts before handing it to their children.

See the poor boy’s honking here:

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While the video might seem funny to some, it definitely wasn’t a laughing matter to the poor boy and his family. Thankfully, the party whistle was safely removed by the doctor from the child’s body.

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