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Awesome Motorized Pool Float Allows You To Cruise And Chill At The Same Time

  • The Poolcandy Splash Runner might just be the coolest inflatable pool float ever.
  • This one is described as a “motorized lounge float,” is made of heavy duty PVC, and comes with control buttons.

Not all inflatable floats are created equal because, well, some of them come with interesting extra features!

Case in point, the Poolcandy Splash Runner Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger might just be the coolest thing to ever hit your pool party. Or at least something that will make you stand out from the rest when you head over to the lake with everyone.

No need to paddle anymore: Just press the buttons and start cruising!

As you can see on the photos here, this unique motorized lounge float puts you in total control and more.

The inflatable ride is made from heavy duty PVC vinyl and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

The float has an overall dimension of 66 x 44 x 24 inches.

It even has a dedicated space for your favorite beverage… How cool is that, right?

The dual push button controls allow users to move the boat forward, back, left, or right – and make a 360-degree movement – with great ease. The float is powered by dual 66W motors and needs 12 D size batteries.

And yes, it has a cup holder to accommodate your drink of choice as you cruise the lake or pool. This simple add feature alone just makes this thing a better option than other regular floats. you see in the market.

The motorized float has a price tag of $199.

In case you are seriously considering about getting one, you might want to head over to Amazon for additional product information.

Poolcandy Splash Runner Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger - Fun Cool Powered Float for Any Pool or Lake
  • Made from reinforced vinyl & plastic this pool float can hold up to 300lbs.
  • Control this pool float with dual 66W motors with independent controls.
  • Cruise effortlessly around your swimming pool or lake with this dual motor raft.
  • Includes deluxe patch kit. In case of a large air leak we will replace your float at no cost. Simply contact us with your details.
  • Improved Design. Redesigned propellers supply more torque, resulting in a 20 percent increase in speed. Inflatable raft has also been refined to provide superior maneuverability in the water.


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