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Delivery Guy Caught Spitting on Package Amidst COVID-19 Scare

He just left as if nothing had happened!

  • With people becoming more careful about COVID-19, the actions of one delivery man has caused major panic.
  • The Amazon delivery guy was captured on camera spitting on a package and using his hands to smear his bodily fluids all over the box.
  • The recipient of the package is now demanding for the driver to be tested for coronavirus.

These days, people are taking extra precautions to protect themselves during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). However, one man who is expected to be using safety measures during the pandemic has been caught breaking the rules. The delivery man was captured on video spitting on a package he was supposed to be dropping off at a residence. He even used his hands to smear the spit all over the box.

In the video taken in front of a California home, the Amazon delivery man is seen putting the package on the ground before spitting into his hand. He then proceeds to smear the spit all over the package before wiping his hand on his shirt. Amazingly, he then proceeds with logging the delivery as if nothing has happened.

Watch the shocking video below:

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The shocking footage was captured by the recipient’s Ring camera and they have since contacted Amazon asking the company to have the man tested for COVID-19. Interestingly, the recipient, who chose to keep their identity private, has since been contacted by Amazon to issue an apology and was even given a $50 credit.

The recipient’s neighbor also had a camera that showed a clearer look at the delivery man’s shocking act.

Amazon has also issued a statement regarding the incident.

“This is clearly not representative of drivers who deliver for Amazon and the care they take for customers around the world every day.

“We are aggressively investigating to understand what may have occurred in this situation. If it truly was a malicious act by the driver, we will be sure he is held accountable, up through and including law enforcement action.”

The delivery man was reportedly a third-party contractor and is no longer delivering packages for the company.

Learn more about the story below:

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Pastor Downplays Covid-19 Threats, Encourages Followers to Attend Worship Services

He also commanded the virus “to die.”

  • Pastor Guillermo Maldonado of King Jesus International Ministry has told his followers that fearing coronavirus is "a demonic spirit" and shows lack of faith.
  • The megachurch still gathered for their worship services, despite warnings from authorities about social distancing.
  • They eventually had to suspend further gatherings after receiving a request from the CDC.

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Group in India Claims Drinking Cow Urine Protects Them From Coronavirus

The group claims cow urine “cures and protects” them from COVID-19.

  • A Hindu activist group in India has gone viral after drinking cow urine as a way of "protecting" themselves from coronavirus.
  • The stunt has since been bashed by netizens.
  • Health experts continue to remind the public that there is still no known cure or vaccine that could fight the disease.

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Man Gets Arrested After Licking His Fingers and Rubbing It On Handrail

Amid growing numbers of coronavirus cases, this stupid guy pulled a disgusting stunt!

  • A drunk guy in Belgium has been filmed by a fellow train passenger.
  • The said man licked his fingers and wiped it on a handrail.
  • He has since been arrested by the authorities.

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