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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Set to Become World’s First Trillionaire

His estimated net worth right now is $140 billion.

  • Business software comparison site Comparisun came up with this prediction by using data collected from the Forbes Rich List of the last five years.
  • At the moment, Jeff Bezos’ estimated net worth is $140 billion.
  • He has been busy donating huge amounts of money to food banks in the U.S. to help those in need during the pandemic.

You would think that with the pandemic going on and wreaking havoc on businesses around the world, business owners are crying into their checkbooks.

Well not Jeff Bezos, the founder of e-commerce giant Amazon. In fact, by year 2026, Bezos could become the world’s first trillionaire.

Yep, you read that right: TRILLIONAIRE.

Business software comparison site Comparisun came up with this prediction by using data gathered from the Forbes Rich List from the past five years. This calculates the annual wealth growth rate of the richest billionaires in the world.

Comparisun’s study concluded that Bezos will reach trillionaire status by 2026, by the time he is 62 years old. Bezos’ estimated net worth is $140 billion.

The same study also predicted that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg could become the youngest trillionaire in the world in 2036. He will be 51 years old by then.

Bezos becoming a trillionaire later on is not so far-fetched considering how well Amazon is doing right now. With the pandemic going on and online shopping having an all-time high, Amazon’s growth will be keep on skyrocketing.

Amazon’s humble beginnings: Bezos almost 20 years ago, in his office.

Bezos has an 11.2 stake in the company, which benefitted him immensely when share prices increased. Also, he was able to sell an astounding $3.4 billion worth of those shares at just the right moment in March, before the value decreased because of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

One of Amazon’s more than 175 fulfillment centers around the globe.

He is not just being busy earning more money though. Bezos has also been spending money for those in need during the pandemic. He donated $100 million to U.S. food banks last month and also shelled out money to Feeding America, a Chicago-based non-profit organization which runs 200 food banks across the country.

As Bezos explained on his Instagram post:

“Even in ordinary times, food insecurity in American households is an important problem, and unfortunately Covid-19 is amplifying that stress significantly.

“Today, I want to support those on the front lines at our nation’s food banks and those who are relying on them for food with a $100 million gift to @FeedingAmerica. Feeding America will quickly distribute the funds to their national network of food banks and food pantries, getting food to those countless families who need it.⁣”


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