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This is What a Piranha Feeding Frenzy Looks Like… Terrifying!

Be thankful it’s not your hand or foot in there…

If there’s one place that I’m deathly scared of, it’s the water. Just thinking about the number of creatures lurking in the depths of the sea or river is enough to give me an anxiety attack. The stuff of your nightmares can be as big as sharks (think JAWS) or as small as a transparent jellyfish (the one that can kill you by the merest touch).

Teeth that can tear you to bits!


Now you’ve seen enough B-movies to know what can happen when you toss raw meat into the water full of piranhas. You can see for yourself, thanks to this video posted by a fellow named Joao Antonio Cruz Junior. The man actually filmed himself throwing chunks of meat (animal meat, not human meat, thank God) into the river (the comments section say its in the Amazon River).

Watch and see what a piranha feeding frenzy looks like. I shudder when I think of those razor-sharp teeth tearing into the meat.

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If you’re brave enough, you can watch this video of a poor boy who fell into a piranha-infested water in Peru.

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Heroic Dog Saved a Premature Baby from a Dumpster in Thailand

This dog is a total hero!


Dogs are man's best friend not only because they are there to accompany or protect us but because they can really care and sometimes even exhibit humanitarian characteristics.

Pui, a dog in Thailand, just proved how dogs like him can care like humans do by saving a premature baby which he found in the dumpster. He was just wandering around their community when he found a white plastic bag and handed it to his owner Gumnerd Thongmak. Gumnerd, then, immediately opened the plastic and saw a newborn baby girl inside. Gunmerd brought the baby to a hospital which the doctors found to have been born prematurely.

It′s lucky that Little Pui found the baby. It was a surprise to us, since Little Pui never brought anything home, only barking at strangers when he’s out and about.

Pui's heroic act was recognized by the local Red Cross Chapter and was given a leather collar and a medal. But aside from these, I'm definite that Pui has captured the hearts of everyone who knew his story....

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This Island Looks Beautiful from Space, But on Land it’s A Different Story

From above, this tiny island looks like a peaceful haven, but its inhabitants feel otherwise.


Last June 11, 2015, an astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station took an incredible photograph of Adele---a stunning tropical island situated in the Indian Ocean.

From above, the 24.5 kilometer-long pristine white sandbank that surrounds the 2.9 kilometer-long island looks like a gigantic sea creature swimming in the aqua blue waters. Adele island appears like a peaceful piece of tropical paradise from NASA’s satellite image; however, its inhabitants are far from feeling tranquil.

Adele island looks stunning from outer space.


Photo credit: NASA

But this island off the coast of Western Australia is plagued by approximately 8,000 mischievous Polynesian rats....

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Stunned Locals Watched as a Python and a King Cobra Viciously Fought on a Busy Street

Two deadly snakes go head to head on the streets of Singapore.


How often do we see two large and deadly snakes fighting on a busy street? In my case, never.

However, recently, an unusual battle occurred between a reticulated python and a king cobra near the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

The stunned locals watched as the snakes fought ferociously for about 30 minutes. Each tried to conquer the other using their innate strategies.

The cobra tried to inject its venom on the python using its sharp fangs.


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