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11 Disturbing Photos That Show What Death Row Criminals Had For Their Last Meals





Given the chance to choose your final meal before you die, what food will you have on your plate?

While that sounds like a cheesy yet a bit morbid question, it is actually a real-life dilemma that some people have to deal with. Imprisoned criminals who have been sentenced to die by execution are typically given the chance to pick their last meal.

Along with a few key details about each convicted criminal, the images below will show you what they requested to eat before they were executed.

It’s actually interesting and a bit creepy at the same time.

Scroll down and see for yourself:

1. These two killers, Fernando and Bartolomeo, had seemingly-ordinary meals.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
2. Allen, on the other hand, went totally all out.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
3. Victor had a weird choice for his final food.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
4. Ronnie is a certified geek who ate his last meal while watching the Lord of The Rings movies.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
5. Ted declined the special food they offered him.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
6. Stephen had a breakfast-type meal .


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
7. Ricky had a mysterious leftover.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
8. Timothy wanted something sweet for the last minutes of his life.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
9. John Wayne rekindled his love for all things KFC.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
10. Aside from the food, Teresa asked for a Dr. Pepper.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves
11. Angel completely lost her appetite while waiting for her execution.


Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves

Of course, these photos are not of the actual food consumed by the death row criminals. These are recreations by photographer Henry Hargreaves in a series collection called “No Seconds.”

On his website, he shared what inspired him to do this project:

“In my photography I have always been fascinated by the mix of the mundane and the extraordinary. So I while was reading about efforts to stop the Last Meal tradition in Texas it sparked my interest. In the most unnatural moment there is (state sponsored death) what kind of requests for food had been made?… I felt it could be a really interesting idea to try to represent visually. Researching this topic strangely personalized these people for me and for a moment was able to identify with them through the common denominator of food.”

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