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The Tragic Story Of The Vigilante Mom Who Hunted Her Daughter’s Killers




  • Miriam Rodriguez’ 20-year old daughter, Karen Alejandra Salinas Rodriguez, was abducted in 2012.
  • Despite the fact that the kidnappers demanded ransom, Karen was eventually murdered and they discovered her body in a ranch in 2014.
  • Miriam tracked the killers down one by one and her efforts later led to the arrest of 10.
  • On May 10, 2017, she was killed by gunmen who broke into her home.

When Miriam Rodriguez’ story recently surfaced online, many have described her as the ‘Taken’ mom – a direct reference to the 2008 Liam Nesson movie. Like the actor’s character, this parent started using disguises and fake identities for the purpose of hunting down those who abducted – and eventually killed – her daughter.

According to reports, Karen Alejandra Salinas Rodriguez, 20, vanished in 2012. Miriam started receiving calls and threats from the kidnappers, demanding ransom. In 2014, Karen’s body was found lifeless in a ranch.

The heartbroken mom eventually decided to take matters into her own hands to avenge her daughter’s death. She started hunting the culprits across Mexico, even befriending their relatives and using the internet to track them down.

At one point, she chased one of the killers down a street, grabbed him by the shirt, and threw him against a railing, telling him “If you move, I’ll shoot you.”

10 criminals were eventually captured because of Miriam’s revenge as she defied “a system where organized crime often goes unchallenged,” according to reports.

Unfortunately, her story ended tragically after armed men broke into her San Fernando house as the country celebrated Mother’s Day in May 10, 2017. She was gunned down 12 times and this happened several weeks after she has successfully chased down one of her last targets. She died as she was being rushed to the nearby hospital.

Before the tragic shooting, Miriam requested armed guards from the government after prisoners from Ciudad Victoria managed to escape the facility.

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