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30 Photos That Prove Cats Are Adorable Photobombers





It’s no secret that cats really love the attention and they will do anything just to get it from their feline-loving owners. These cuddly four-legged furry creatures will steal the spotlight every chance they have and still get all the aww-worthy reactions. Just like these photobombing cats who adorably ruined these picture purrfect moments. From crashing wedding photos, selfies, and unsuspecting dogs — these furry pets definitely took center stage.

So the next time you take a picture of that special moment or just a random selfie, make sure to check where your cat is. Who knows, maybe they’ll pop out of nowhere and make your snaps even better – or worse!

Check out these charming feline photobombers and see the cat-astrophe they have created!

#1 Took me a while to spot the cat.

Source: kvasimodo
#2 Poor little kitty looks terrfied.

Source: Keamo___
#3 I wonder if the cat ruined her veil.

Source: Connorox
#4 A perfect wedding shot… almost.

#5 This cat definitely likes the girl’s pose.

Source: Slash3040
#6 Smile for the camera girls.

Source: RoccoRocco
#7 Don’t mind me. Just casually flying by.

#8 All eyes on the cat.

Source: linkinstreet
#9 Don’t look behind you young lady.

Source: kenderpl
#10 Nothing to see here.

#11 Cat ninja.

#12 Dude, your cat’s still outside.

Source: shazper
#13 Food selfie just got better.

Source: Kayley997
#14 Yes, you do.

Source: jatan194
#15 Stalker.

Source: _emmaburton
#16 This cat wants to have fun too.

Source: DaveyFoSho
#17 “He is not doing that face again, is he?”

Source: niseione
#18 This cat probably hates her owner’s selfie antics.

#19 Is the cat trying to escape or what?

#20 I have a bad feeling this tree will not make it until Christmas.

#21 That’s an interesting headpiece. Oh wait, it’s a cat.

#22 “He’s behind me isn’t he?”

#23 That’s better.

Source: Thesoro
#24 There’s always a goofy one in the family.

#25 Hooman…

#26 That’s actually creepy.

#27 Scene-stealer

#28 In your face!

Source: Taryness
#29 Can you spot the sneaky cat?

#30 Looks like this cat is up to something no good.

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