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Cat Visits Beach For The First Time. He Clearly HATES It!




  • Pet owner Tia brought her two cats to the beach for the first time.
  • They were having fun playing a first until the wind began blowing.
  • Pumpkin, in particular, showed how much he dislikes it and netizens loved his genuinely hilarious facial reactions.

Most of us love relaxing on the beach but here’s the thing : some of our beloved pets may not exactly excited about the idea of spending time there.

Case in point, one cat didn’t hesitate to show his disdain when his owner took him to a nearby beach. His facial expressions were priceless and fortunately, everything was captured on film.

It’s Pumpkin’s first time on the beach and clearly, he wasn’t digging it!

Pet owner Tia shared that she often brings her cats Pumpkin and Moustachio on family outings and so she brought them along. They initially enjoyed playing there until the wind started blowing – which obviously disgusted Pumpkin.

In a The Dodo feature, Tia shared:

“He actually really loved the beach but we soon found out he didn’t love the wind. The faces he was making, we’d never seen anything like it before, so we were taking pictures and videos.”

Tia’s Instagram post eventually went viral as it gained attention from fellow social media users.

One commented:

“This has to be my absolute most favorite thing on the internet.”

Another wrote:

“Literally my face any time I’m out in public. Thankfully my mask hides it tho.”

The story also made it to various websites. As a BoredPanda article tells us, Pumpkin was actually rescued when he was still little.

“We decided to foster a mom and 4 kittens from a local animal shelter,” reflected Tia. “We instantly fell in love with them all, but we just couldn’t let Pumpkin go. We knew he was special right away. We adopted him, along with his brother Moustachio as they were inseparable.”

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