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These Cats are Chilling Where They Aren’t Supposed to Be and People Can’t Stop Laughing





If you own a cat or know someone who lives with one, you may be aware of their unusual practices. Some cats love bringing home a little surprise for their owners while others chirp at birds. One of the strangest things that a cat would do is sit in the most unlikely place.

Cats are very talented in finding a comfortable spot that other animals wouldn’t even consider. Whether it’s a flower pot, a sink, or even a helicopter, felines will prove that “if i fits, i sits.” Here are 43 awesome kitties who sat where they wanted and are making people laugh so hard.

#1. That Criminal Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

It’s unclear what this man did or why he is handcuffed but it’s obvious that this cat is making sure he isn’t getting away soon.

#2. Hanging Out With The Turtle

The turtle obviously loves having a new friend.

#3. A Real Rebel

Breaking the rules is just one of the things that cool cats do.

#4. Double Trouble

These bowls are perfectly nap-sized.

#5. I’m The Chicken Now

Sorry, Crochet Chicken. It’s time to leave the nest.

#6. I’m The Chicken Now, Part 2

These chicks are going to be so confused when they hatch.

#7. How About A Free Ride?

Now this is called “traveling in style.”

#8. Wait, That’s Not A Computer Bug

Imagine checking on your computer to look for bugs and finding this cutie instead.

#9. I Am A Flower Pot

That doesn’t look very comfortable for others. However, this little cat is obviously loving its new perch.

#10. I Am A Flower Pot, Part 2

Are flower pots the best spots for a good nap? It looks like this kitty could sleep there for a long time.

#11. “May I See Your Pawsport?”

Well, this looks like a security guard I can really trust.

#12. That’s A Heavy Cat

Just kidding. The glass was already broken before the kitty decided to nap on the car. Moreover, it’s possible that this is a meteor cat.

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