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24 Hilarious Photos Where the Background Stole the Show

Before you snap a photo, make sure you check what’s in the background. Otherwise, you’ll end up like these guys.

Mich Escultura





When you’re caught up in the moment, you just instinctively have to grab your phone and snap a photo. Sometimes the first shot isn’t great, so you take another, and another, and another.

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But more often than not, we get caught up with the subject of the photo that we forget all about the background before we post it online. And soon enough, you’ll start to get more comments about what’s in the background as opposed to what you’re snapping a photo of.

Some of these photobombers may be negligible – a random face here, a bit of a mess there. But there are times when we wish we had the appropriate Photoshop skills to completely erase the embarrassing background loomers in our photos.

Case in point, these 24 photos where the background ruined (or made, depending on your sense of humor) a photo.

1. The windy wardrobe malfunction.


2. The guy drying his junk out in the open.


3. The perfectly angled sculptures.


4. The toilet shot that made it to your profile picture.


5. Cracks me up.


6. You never know who’s checking you out.


7. A dildo so reliable, it has to be on your counter.


8. The selfie that just couldn’t wait until after he puts his pants back on.


9. Caught copping a feel there, buddy.


10. Couldn’t wait until you were indoors, guys?


11. Spot the cleavage.


12. Fire in the hole!


13. What is it with all these people taking resell photos in the nude?!


14. How does it breathe in there?!


15. We have no idea what grandpa’s packing, but it sure shouldn’t be in this family photo.


16. The insidious nightstand dildo makes an appearance.


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17. Just casually getting it on against a wall in public, no biggie.


18. That kid’s going places – down, to be specific!


19. For once, Paris Hilton’s in the classier side of the photo.


20. This guy couldn’t care less about the 30+ hotties in matching swimsuits.


21. This is why people should be wary of mirrors when taking photos.


22. Talk about a scene stealer.


23. Caught snapping an upskirt shot.


24. How to set a romantic scene: Have your dildo in full view.



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