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20 Adorable and Funny Cats Posing Like Vintage Pin-Up Girls





You know what’s more adorable than cats? Well, that has to be cats posing like vintage pin-up girls!

Thanks to BoredPanda, we’ve recently found out about this dedicated Tumblr page called “Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls” – and it’s probably one of the best cat blogs we’ve come across with online.

The page’s name tells us exactly what it is. Photos of adorable kitties are placed beside paintings of vintage pinup girls, emulating their poses. Or perhaps its the other way around in some instances?

Either way, we here at EliteReaders simply couldn’t contain the cuteness overload! Besides, the results are not only extremely adorable and undoubtedly glamorous – but also downright hilarious.

Go scroll down and see for yourself. And oh, prepare to be amused!

#1. The cat’s expression says it all.

#2. May be a little chubbier than the model but just as adorable.

#3. Love this kitty’s face! So funny!

#4. I laughed at this. LOL!

#5. What’s up, human?

#6. Not in the mood to smile.

#7. The face is just spot on.

#8. MEOW!!!

#9. I wonder what I’m doing here.

#10. So sexy and fab!

#11. This tail gets in the way, I swear.

#12. Awww… What a cutie!

#13. This cat looks scared for her life tho. LOL!

#14. Floating just like you.

#15. Hey there!

#16. Well technically, lions are cats so…

#17. Now what is my human up to this time?

#18. Cheeky!

#19. I just want to roll.

#20. Just jump they said. It will be fun they said.

Originally created by Rachel Aslett, a creative freelancer from Australia, the blog advertises alternative clothing store Hurly-Burly. Check out the CatsTheLookLikePinUpGirls Tumblr page for more.

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