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Single Dad Teaches Fellow Fathers Proper Hair Care Tricks For Their Daughters





One of the perks of having a little boy as our child is that its really easy to prepare him when we need to go somewhere.

I’m often home alone with him while my wife is in the school and so when I need to purchase something at the store or pay some bills, I’d simply dress our 3-year-old toddler with a shirt and a pair of pants. Occasionally, I’d make him wear his favorite cap or a beanie and off we go.

The same, of course, couldn’t be said if your child is a girl because, you know, prepping a girl’s hair requires time and extraordinary skill.

Although most dads are clueless when it comes to hair care, Philippe is an exception.

philippe-morgese-hair-class 1

Photo credit: Facebook

Single dad Philippe Morgese has caught the attention of many after sharing a series of fun photos featuring his designs for his daughter’s hair.

Here’s an example of Philippe’s styling skills.

philippe-morgese-hair-class 4

Photo credit: Facebook

Needless to say, people have been blown away with his unusual talent.

Philippe now holds classes to teach fellow dads about doing hair.

philippe-morgese-hair-class 3

Photo credit: Facebook

After gaining online fame, Philippe decided he wanted to educate other fathers and so he created a “Dads and Daughters” hair class.

On the first class, many dads showed up with their girls and so Philippe was glad to share his knowledge from basic brushing, to ponytails and braids, to everything in between.

Dads from all walks of life signed up for the class.

philippe-morgese-hair-class 2

Photo credit: Facebook

Philippe said:

“We had a prison guard, mechanic, general contractor, ATT tech, Apple tech, healthcare recruiter and a carpenter… Many of them struggled with basic hair care and styling. I’m not a professional, but I had the best intentions and I was sure I could help.”

Classes are held at Daytona’s International Academy where Mez, the owner, has permitted Philippe to use the facility without any charge because he loved the idea.

Philippe and Emma also prepared goody bags for the class members.

philippe-morgese-hair-class 5

Photo credit: Facebook

Aside from being equipped with a new skill, each dad also walked away with a goody bag filled with combs, clips, and other hair care items.

If you are from Daytona or any nearby area and are interested to learn, go add Philippe on Facebook.


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