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Indian Man Has NOT Washed His Dreads for 40 Years

He says God told him to never cut his hair.


This Indian man vowed not to cut and wash his hair for 40 years and counting.
• His dreadlock is already at six feet long.
• Sakal Dev Tuddu, also known as Mahatma Ji, is also known for helping childless couples.

India is known for its rich culture and is home to many different beliefs. For example, Sikhism, one of the religions in the country, explains that hair is a gift from God. The longer it is, the more that you appreciate God’s beautiful gift.

Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63 years of age, has gone way ahead of this belief. Sakal Dev Tuddu even claims that God himself told him not to cut his hair. As a result of the holy encounter through his dreams, Sakal Dev gave up washing and cutting his hair. He also quit drinking and smoking in devotion to his agreement with God. 

Sakal Dev Tuddu says that 40 years ago, his hair started to weave itself into dreadlocks or “jatta” and he considers it a blessing from God. Locals in Munger, Bihar call Sakal Dev as ‘Mahatma Ji’ as a sign of respect. Mahatma is derived from Sanskrit (maha) meaning “great” and (atman) meaning “soul, spirit, life”.

Moreover, Sakal Dev Tuddu is also known as a healer and a go-to person who prepares homemade treatments for childless couples. Tourists who come to Bihar often visit and take pictures with him.

Of course, one of the concerns that often pop when people ask him about his hair is hygiene. To keep his 6-ft dreads clean, Sakal Dev ties his hair up in a white cloth to keep it off the ground. Doing this, according to him, helps him keep his promise. 

Sakal Dev worked for the forest department for 31 years and lives with his wife, six children, and seven grandchildren. He also says that his wife doesn’t have any problem with his lengthy dreads. 

Meanwhile, the record holder for the longest dreadlocks was first recorded in 2008. Asha Mandela from Florida held the record at 8 feet and 6 inches. After a year, Asha decided to untie her locks, taking her record to 19 feet and 6.5 inches.


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