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17 Hairstyles For Women That Will Never Go Out Of Style





Some classic haircuts just don’t go out of style. They look good on almost everyone, any age, and any face shape.

Trends come and go, this goes with hairstyles as well. But you can never go wrong with these 17 hairstyles.

1. Tousled layers

“The Rachel” first debuted over two decades ago. It was first seen on Jennifer Aniston’s “Friends” character Rachel, hence the name.

2. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs have been the style of choice of so many celebrities like Naomi Campbell.

3. The choppy bob

A choppy bob is perfect for thin hair as it will create the illusion of more volume.

4. Face-framing waves

Face-framing waves are suitable for every face shape. You can’t go wrong with this style.

5. Corkscrew curls

Why straighten your hair when you can look this good going au natural?

6. The messy pixie

This hairstyle is not only low-maintenance, but it is perfect for accentuating your features.

7. Sleek and straight

This classic hairstyle will instantly make you look polished.

8. Middle-parted waves

The sexy, messy look will always be “in.”

9. Mid-length and natural

Black women have recently been more accepting of their natural locks.

10. Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs will give your hair extra oomph.

11. The asymmetrical bob

This shape is perfect for showing off your jawline and slimming down your face.

12. The modern shag

This hairstyle requires only a few minutes of maintenance, yet the result is amazing.

13. The long bob

The long bob is very flattering for those who have a square face.

14. Big waves

This style is perfect if you’re looking to add more dimension and volume around your face.

15. The French bob

The French bob is the perfect transition to a shorter style.

16. The blunt bob

The blunt cut will shed hours off your beauty routine as it is easy to maintain and to style.

17. Long braids or twists

Black celebrities like Zoe Kravitz have been going for traditional braids.

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