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15 Funny People Who Tried Cutting Their Own Hair During Quarantine





We get it: staying at home saves lives and helps prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But yes, one of the obvious downsides of living in a lockdown is that we’ve lost access to some of the most basic of services. Such as haircuts. We all miss our favorite barbers and stylists!

Well apparently, some brave individuals have decided to pick up their scissors, clippers, and trimmers, to give themselves – or their household members – a much-needed haircut. And as the photos below show us, an untrained person with cutting tools is almost always a sure recipe for disaster.

Check out the images below and prepare to have a good laugh:

#1. “It’s a good thing we’re self isolating.”
#2. This guy knows how to make the most of his bad hair days.
#3. His haircut made him look like a movie star!
#4. A literal little Einstein?
#5. This did not end well.
#6. He won’t be happy with that spot.
#7. An 11-year-old barber with no experience whatsoever. What the hell could possibly go wrong, right?!
#8. Well this just looks so wrong.
#9. This poor guy. At least he can still manage to smile!
#10. It’s like the 80s all over again.
#11. I totally feel bad for this kid.
#12. This should be reason enough to avoid going outdoors more.
#13. That moment when he realized cutting his own hair isn’t exactly a good idea.
#14. You betcha!
#15. That might be a little higher than usual.

So there you go, folks. These images should serve as a warning for those contemplating about cutting their own hair or those who may be thinking watching a YouTube tutorial would be enough.

It’s probably best to wait for the salons and barber shops to reopen in a few weeks than to take the plunge and risk your hair. Trust these people – it won’t be worth it.

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