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Grandson Gives His 84-Year-Old Grandpa A New Wardrobe And Makes Him An Instagram Star

Grandpa is rocking those lewks!

  • A young man decided to visit his grandfather for some quality family time.
  • However, he managed to convince his grandpa to model some stylish clothes for him in several photoshoots.
  • Not surprisingly, the fashionable grandpa has now become an Instagram star with more than 125,000 followers.

What would you do if you got to hang out with your grandfather? Some of us would probably sit and listen to their stories or enjoy a relaxing day fishing. However, one grandson decided to do something truly unique with his grandpa. The young man got his grandfather a new wardrobe and turned him into the latest Instagram sensation.

Naoya Kudo recently decided to visit his grandfather for some quality family time. Interestingly, Kudo decided that his 84-year-old grandpa would be the perfect model for some flashy new clothes. The duo spent a week hanging out and taking photos at the Akita Prefecture in Japan. As soon as Kudo began sharing Tetsuya’s pictures on Instagram, the internet fell in love with the stylish octogenarian.

Meet Tetsuya, Instagram’s coolest grandpa.

Tetsuya’s photos have certainly taken Instagram by storm. The account that was created by Kudo for his grandfather already has more than 125,000 followers.

Tetsuya is clearly loving all of these new looks.

According to Kudo, his grandfather was really enthusiastic about trying the new clothes on.

“He was really enthusiastic about it,” Kudo said. “He suggested the shooting locations and everything.” 

He certainly knows how to pose!

Tetsuya is a retired chemistry teacher who usually spends his days like most regular grandfathers. However, he is also aware that he is now an Instagram star, thanks to his grandson.

Not surprisingly, Kudo plans to continue updating the Instagram account with new photos. This could mean another trip to visit his grandpa with more stylish outfits.

You can follow Tetsuya serving lewks on Instagram.


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