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16 Women Who Decided To Embrace Their Natural Hair





Hairstyles are a fundamental part of self-expression. They’re often our most defining physical feature and can be a manifestation of our personalities. However, caring for natural hair can sometimes be frustrating.

Many young girls want to wear their hair straight because that is what they normally see depicted in the media as what is “beautiful.” But many women likewise prefer their natural curls, coils, and kinks. Here are 16 women who embraced their natural hair after lots of transformation:

















Some women have no issues with growing their hair while relaxed, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there are some who had enough of all the long (and, most of the time, expensive) process. Totally no pun intended but it is safe to say that the natural hair movement is definitely a growing trend.

While women in the past would do anything to make their hair perfectly straight, a lot of them are embracing their natural hair. This is not only a good move for their hair to become healthier but also for women’s confidence and self-acceptance.

Lynsey Chutel said:

“Increasingly, women of color all over the world are choosing to wear their hair naturally, a cultural transition that has as much psychological value for them as commercial value for the manufacturers and stores finally catering to them.”

The beauty of natural hair is that it grows voluminous and can stand at great heights. Naturals don’t usually have a problem with attaining volume. Even when heat styling, many have noticed that their natural hair still has a lot of body and bounce.

Before, natural hair could be worn in only three ways: braided, tied, or just combed out. Now, you can wear your hair any way you feel like wearing it; treating it as a canvas and expression of self. The possibilities are infinite!

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