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People Are Awesome! Here Are 233 Sensational Videos Of 2014 In Just 7 Minutes.





From mind-blowing stunts to jaw-dropping heights, here are the top viral videos of 2014. Director and video editor Luc Bergeron, gathered this year’s all the best moments – 233 awesome videos to be exact, – and packed it all in an exciting 7-min video of pure awesomeness.

What a great year to remember! There were cute animals. Daredevils who risked their lives in order to make a cool video for all to watch. There were heart warming videos. Tear-jerking moments. People dumped ice on their heads. Lots of dancing. And so much more!

This is insane! After watching this, I suddenly have the urge to travel and go on adventures.

Watch The Epic Compilation.

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What’s your top 5 favorite? Share with all the awesome people in your life!

Bonus Video:

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