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Mom Bursts into Tears When She Sees What’s Waiting for Her Outside the Bathroom





In a family who loves dogs so much, the passing of their previous dog was truly heartbreaking. To ease their pain, Mommy and the kids wanted a new baby dog to bring added fun to the home but Daddy said he would never want their old dog replaced.

The brokenhearted family could not do anything about Daddy’s decision.

However, Daddy was not actually as mean as he sounds. He was actually trying to surprise his lovely wife with a puppy but did not want to spoil the surprise by letting them in on the secret.

So, when he bought a cute little puppy, he wanted to film his wife’s reaction because he knew she would be truly shocked by the action. Because he can’t film her reaction while holding the black little pup, he enlisted his son’s help.

Together, they waited for Mommy outside the bathroom – of all places! Still, it was the perfect place, the perfect timing.

The Sweet Surprise

The moment she went out of the bathroom, Mommy was surprised to see her son and husband waiting for her. Perhaps, she was a bit nervous about what was happening. After all, why would these two men wait for her outside the bathroom if it wasn’t a huge event or emergency?

Then, she happened to glance inside Daddy’s jacket and saw the black puppy’s head sticking out. Her worry turned to surprise and wonder. The sweet surprise brought her to tears and she ran back inside the bathroom.

Of course, a few seconds later, she came to claim the beautiful puppy in her arms. She lovingly stroked its black fur and murmured how this little one is her baby.

The puppy surprise was a huge success! It even took her a few seconds more to realize her son was filming her all along.

Watch the awesome surprise here:

Credits: SF Globe

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