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Watch How This Monk Smoothly Throws A Tiny Needle Through A Glass





While most of us would likely agree that needles and glasses are two items that do not necessarily go together, a Shaolin monk named Feng Fei definitely believes otherwise.

In a video uploaded in the YouTube channel of The Super Slow Show, Feng Fei used a needle and a glass to demonstrate what many would probably perceive as an impossible feat. In smooth precision, Fei threw a needle to a glass and the tiny thing actually pierced through it. The flying needle popped a balloon on the other side of the glass, proving that the thing actually passed through the pane.

The monk prepares to demonstrate his amazing skill.

Source: YouTube

This viral video has clearly amazed the world and it has since gained millions of views. Naturally, numerous netizens wondered about how was he able to do it. As a monk, the incredible trick must have been possible with years of practice and intense concentration, right?

As always, science can explain how the trick is done.

Source: YouTube

James Sethna, a physicist from Cornell University, said that the trick lies on understanding the structures and properties of a glass as well as the factors that causes it to break. The physicist said that a glass is not easy to break except when it has a crack. Apparently, once a glass gets a crack, it starts to get weaker and thus, easier to shatter.

The actual crack that the needle caused the glass.

Source: YouTube

Of course, it also helps that Feng Fei made sure that he used a firm needle that will not bend when it hits a hard surface. By throwing the said needle to a glass with enough strength and force, anyone may just recreate what the incredible monk did.

Watch the amazing video here and see for yourself:

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