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25 Mysterious Places Google Earth Doesn’t Want You to See

Censoring these locations has logical reasons, such as security, privacy concerns, and trade secrets. However, this doesn’t stop conspiracy theorists from having a field day.


We all had that fun experience of navigating through Google Earth to see different places we only dream of seeing. Imagine being virtually in any country or tourist destination with only a click of your mouse. This inspires the inner travelers and amateur geographers inside us.

But did you know that there are some places that we are not allowed to see? If you tried zooming in these destinations, you would only likely see pixelated or blurred images. Censoring these locations has logical reasons, such as security, privacy concerns, and trade secrets. However, this doesn’t stop conspiracy theorists from having a field day.

Although hundreds of sites have been covered up on Google Earth, some of these places can be freely visited by regular citizens. Others are restricted due to contamination and health risks. But whatever the case is, it only further arouses the curiosity of people.

Mysterious Russian site near the Siberian tundra.

Source: Google Earth

This blurred patch on Google Maps could be hiding anything from nuclear missiles, weapons interceptors, or a testing facility. Due its remote location and censored state, it is hard to learn the truth.

Michael Army Airfield, Utah

Source: Google Earth

Conspiracy theorists and alien believers call this place the new Area 51 in Utah. However, the US government admitted that the area is indeed a chemical weapons test site, blurred due to security reasons.

The Royal Palace, Amsterdam

Source: Google Earth

Despite being one of Amsterdam’s top attractions, you could not visit this location via Google Earth. Everything around the palace can be seen clearly, though.

Tantauco National Park, Chile

Source: Google Earth

Locally known as ‘Parque Tantauco’, it is a privately owned natural reserve open to the public. However, you have no chances of seeing it on Google Maps. Zooming it would only give you a blurred pixelated image.

Russian Energy Executive Alexey Miller's House

Source: Google Earth

Unlike Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who have offered the public a peak of their mansions, Alexey Miller, one of the richest men in Russia, values his privacy. Too much, apparently, to the point of canceling Google Earth a view of his house.


Viral Commercial: Animal Shelter’s Low-Budget Cat Ad Is Purr-fectly Funny!

I absolutely love this ad – like fur real!

With the right amount of creativity, it’s really not impossible for a commercial to go viral online – even if you only have a limited budget to produce it. Take it from Furkids, an animal rescue organization in Atlanta, Georgia, that recently scored a viral hit with a short but genuinely funny cat commercial.

The video stars Paul Preston going around the animal shelter, endorsing the cats to potential owners using the approach of a used car salesman.

Source: Furkids

His ‘marketing pitches’ are absolutely hilarious that even the staff filming the ad couldn’t help but chuckle in the background.

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Statisticians Have Figured Out The Best Place To Hide During a Zombie Apocalypse

Do you know where to go should the undead arise?

If a zombie apocalypse indeed happens, where would you run first? Would you go to a mall where there are lots of food and clothes? Or would you rather run for the nearest prison, where the thick, concrete walls and the cold, steel bars can keep the brain-munching zombies off?

The above-mentioned options don't sound so bad, do they? Just think of all the important amenities and fancy clothes that can be found in a mall and the guns and ammo that are stored in the armory of a prison. Sounds promising, right?

Do you have any idea where to hide should they come for you?

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New Study Reveals How Long Humans Can Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Just how long can humans survive?

Physics students at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom calculated how long humanity can last in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and the results are far from promising.

According to studies published in the student-run Journal of Physics Special Topics, only fewer than 300 humans will remain alive 100 days after the much-feared apocalypse, with humans being outnumbered by the flesh-eating corpses at 1 to 1,000,000. And mind you, those figures aren't just for the UK - they're talking about the entire planet.

Zombies will rapidly outnumber the human population.

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