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Baby’s First Word Was ‘Google’ And The Tech Giant Loves It

The dad’s reaction is priceless!


A baby ’s first word is very exciting. They usually say “mama” or dada, but this one particular baby had another one in mind. Instead of saying the usual first words, the youngster said “Google.”

The moment was caught on a Los Angeles couple’s baby monitor and has since gone viral. In fact, a Google representative has reached out to the parents after learning about the hilarious clip.

Living in the world of social media and high technology, people mostly rely on their Google Assistant, and this couple is no different. But they quickly realized that their little one is actually paying attention to them more than they thought as their baby’s first word was certainly different from other babies.

Clio Chang shared the video on Twitter and captioned it, “Welps, my baby’s first word is Google.” As expected, the 18-second video quickly garnered a lot of attention from netizens.

The clip shows Joe Pitt, a character designer who has worked for Disney, dancing, and singing while holding the toddler and then asked his Google device to play a song.

He said, “Hey Google, play the baddy song.” His baby then repeated “Google!”

It seems that both mom and dad have said the word “Google” so many times that their adorable tot caught on to it.

The clip has gone so viral that Marvin Chow, VP of Product Marketing at Google even offered to send a present to the family.

He tweeted:

“Love this story — thanks for sharing. DM me if you can. would love to send you over a little something.”

While the tech giant certainly enjoyed the clip, it received a mixed reaction from netizens.

Some of the comments read:

“Google needs to pay for this kid’s college fund.”

“This is going in a commercial right now.”

“End humanity now.”

Watch the video here:


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