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Mysterious Object Sighted Over Denver Skies




  • A mysterious flying object was spotted in the skies of Colorado on Monday.
  • Witnesses panicked and called the CBS newsroom to inquire about it.
  • CBS 4 Photojournalist Jeremiah Bellile captured the said unidentified object on video.
  • Former NASA official said it was a high altitude balloon.

A mysterious almost-transparent object flew over the skies east of Denver on Monday. Witnesses posted videos of the thing online, arousing curiosity about the origin of the matter.

Consequently, those who saw the unidentified object near CBS panicked and called the newsroom about it. Meanwhile, CBS 4 Photojournalist Jeremiah Bellile caught the “UFO” on video.

“Jeremiah Bellile captured this view from the CBS4 rooftop,” Kelly Werthmann posted on Twitter.

Kelly Werthman, the Emmy – Award winning CBS journalist tweeted: “Do you know what this is? Several people called the CBS Denver newsroom wondering if its a strange light or UFO.”

The journalist sought help to identify the round object. She also said the newsroom received “quite a few calls” from panicked locals.

The US Federal Association Administration (FAA) eventually investigated the reports about the UFO.

According to Werthmann, however, the FAA said they have no reports of anything unusual in the area.

Ultimately, Joseph Gruber, a former NASA official, shed light on the matter.

Gruber posted his response, stating that the object appears to be one of Google’s high altitude balloon, otherwise known as Project Loon. There were also three other similar balloons over the Denver sky that day, according to him.

Gruber posted flight radar photos as well.

The balloons have aerial Wi-Fi network equipment that allows it to provide internet service to rural and remote areas.

Google has been testing the technology in the Central plains and also in South America and Africa.

Watch this video:

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